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Harris Interactive Global Network

The Local Approach

With an international commitment to both traditional and Internet-based market research, Harris Interactive, in conjunction with its global network, conducts strategic research in multiple localized languages around the world, offering solutions to corporations, education, healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

Our global network is comprised of locally based, independently owned and operated market- and opinion- research companies who are selected for their:

  • Expertise in conducting public opinion and market research
  • Proven experience in providing quality client service
  • Commitment to, and development of, Internet-based research.

Service and Solutions

At Harris Interactive, we recognize the complexity of international research in a marketplace that is competitive and demanding. Combining our own expertise with that of our global network members, we are able to deliver complete solutions to clients worldwide, including a full spectrum of value-added solutions and convenient access to services and products.

Join the Global Network

Harris Interactive continues to expand its presence globally and seeks local representatives. If you are a leading research firm seeking an alliance that will support your international development, please contact us.


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