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Harris Interactive offers top line information to the press on any of our publicly released research. Information available covers many industries and topics. Harris Interactive spokespersons are readily available to provide comment on trends, insights and predictions beyond the numbers.

Principles that Guide Our Public Research

Harris Interactive regularly shares research findings from Harris Polls and other industry-specific studies.

Because we are committed to disclosing accurate, complete and current information, we adhere to the highest market research industry standards. Some principles we follow for communicating research results may be found at:

Although we conduct research using multiple data collection modes, online research methods are becoming more prevalently used. Harris Interactive pioneered and continues to lead the industry in developing, promoting and applying online research techniques.

We include methodology information within every public disclosure of research results which includes details such as fielding dates, sample surveyed, geographic scope, mode used to field the study, demographic and propensity weighting information (for online surveys, if applicable), and more.

Referencing Harris Interactive Research

We’re happy to share our data with you. So, here are some steps to follow to ensure accuracy and avoid mistakes—but first

  1. If you plan to reference a complete document or selected text without modification, the examples below will instruct you on how to correctly cite the information.
  2. If you intend on modifying content from news on our site, please contact our Corporate Communications department who will be glad to assist you with that process.

Citation Examples

  • Harris Polls conducted by Harris Interactive

  • The Harris Poll® Nov.10, 2004, "National ‘Feel Good Index’ Rises as More People Feel Good about U.S. Morals and Values"
    Harris Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Harris Interactive News Releases

    "Harris Interactive Named to 2004 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in North America" Nov. 16, 2004
    Harris Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Harris Interactive Newsletters

  1. Health Care News (Vol. 4, Issue 17, Nov. 16, 2004) "Only a Quarter (25%) Of U.S. Adults Would Consider Allowing a Child of Theirs to Participate In a Clinical Research Study"
    Harris Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. Trends & Tudes (Nov. 2004) "Customers for a Lifetime: Developing Brand Awareness and Affinity with Youth"
    Harris Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.

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