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Harris Poll EquiTrend®

Harris Poll EquiTrend is an annual tracking study that measures and compares the brand health of 1,500+ unique brands in more than 170 categories. It evaluates consumers' engagement and offers a complete diagnostic of a brand's position within and outside of its industry.

Brand Equity, Consumer Connection, and Brand Momentum are the "big picture" measures of consumer engagement. To fully understand the brand/consumer relationship, we ask over 40,000 Americans to rate brands' performances on a series of important, equity-influencing metrics. Those metrics combine to give us a brand's overall Equity score. Brands that rank highest in Equity receive the Harris Poll EquiTrend "Brand of the Year" award.


A Business Tool for Decision-Makers

Harris Poll EquiTrend is an agile business tool that seamlessly provides details on competitors, customers, and your brand in one, affordable solution. The study uses an academically-vetted methodology, most recently validated by business experts from Georgetown University in the International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM).

Since 1989, decision-makers at large and small corporations and non-profit organizations have trusted its insights to inform business strategy and generate media coverage. Here are several examples of how Harris Poll EquiTrend intelligence can be used:

  • Measure and monitor equity through this stand-alone brand tracker or supplement an established tracking program with competitive data from Harris Poll EquiTrend
  • Identify the consumers who have the most goodwill towards a brand by looking at 28 unique demographic attributes
  • Study trended data, dating back to 2005, to prepare for product development or entry into new markets
  • Benchmark against leading brands or scout for potential acquisition targets
  • Evaluate potential relationships for co-branding or cause-related marketing opportunities



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