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Harris Interactive’s periodic Executive Omnibus survey lets you find out what the nation’s top corporate leaders think about the issues affecting business today.

The Highest Caliber of Survey Participants

  • A comprehensive and inexpensive source of needed information about current attitudes from leading executives, including CEOs, Chairmen/Executive Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents/Directors.
  • Executive assessment of major issues of the day that impact business, the economy, and policy.
  • The opportunity for you to ask customized questions to meet your specific needs, including prevailing attitudes and perceptions of issues, services, products, technologies, policies, organizations or companies.
  • Breakdowns of executive opinion by geographic location in the U.S., company revenue and size, level of executive and other variables that help explain attitudes and behavior. Analysis can also be customized to isolate specific variables of interest to you.

Data You Can Act On

Using the interpretive skills of Harris Interactive, Executive Omnibus not only provides you with a reliable analysis of top executive attitudes about the issues and questions that directly affect you, but more importantly, an understanding of the factors that shape those attitudes, giving you a competitive advantage.

We provide you a discrete analysis with several clients sharing the costs of the whole survey. We directly interview a representative sample of 300 of the leading executives in U.S. companies with annual revenue of $1 billion or more. A broad range of industries, services, locales, and sizes of companies are represented.

Clients are provided with cross-tabulations on their custom and core questions. Further analysis and personal presentations can also be arranged for an additional cost. You and no one else will have exclusive access to your questions, data, and analysis.


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