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Harris Poll® Global Omnibus

The Harris Poll Global Omnibus is a global online omnibus research service that operates in over 25 countries worldwide – allowing you to ask questions and get projectable answers in a quick, robust, and cost-effective manner for your target markets of interest.

Most countries offer flexible sample size options of 500, 1000, or 2000 participants allowing you to drill down to much smaller, hard-to-reach sample groups. Our ongoing parallel studies and extensive experience enable us to weight the sample to be representative of the national population.

The Harris Poll Global Omnibus facilitates a variety of research needs, including:

  • Awareness and Usage Studies
  • Concept Screening
  • Incidence Testing
  • Public Opinion Polling
  • Tracking Studies
  • Label Testing
  • Evaluation of Product Ideas
  • Evaluation of Purchase Intent
  • Packaging/Ad Testing

Our team of research scientists – specialized in online methodologies – provides full support from questionnaire design through analyses and comprehensive demographic information is included with results.

Our global coverage includes Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.


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