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Harris Poll LGBTQuery

Harris Poll LGBTQuery is an online omnibus survey that lets you ask questions and get affordable, actionable, and projectable answers from a national sample of the U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. For the first time anywhere, get timely information about this highly brand loyal and influential group.

LGBTQuery leverages the strategic partnership we have with Witeck-Combs Communications Inc., the leading LGBT marketing communications and public relations firm, to offer you unmatched expertise and experience in reaching the LGBT segment.

Get Projectable, Reliable Results

LGBTQuery is fielded online – with each wave providing 500 completed interviews from self-identified adults in the U.S. LGBT community paired with 500 completed interviews from U.S. adults age 18+ nationwide for comparison purposes. With this comparative non-LGBT sample, you will better understand ways that LGBT respondents are alike and different from other consumers and what uniquely drives their decision-making.

Obtain Relevant Insights

  • Understand the impact of LGBT purchasing needs and behaviors
  • Reveal LGBT consumer preferences
  • Determine which brands have the best and weakest reputations among LGBT consumers
  • Test advertising messages targeted to the LGBT market and compare how non-LGBT consumers react to those messages
  • Understand answers to current public policy issues
  • Determine drivers and levels of brand loyalty
  • Test new product or service concepts geared toward the LGBT market
  • Uncover reactions among LGBT consumers to new packaging concepts
  • Examine levels of appeal to new names or logos among LGBT consumers
Methods & Tools

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