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Market Intelligence

Where does competitive advantage exist? Harris Interactive can help you understand market and customer segmentation based on specific needs and expectations.

Harris Interactive 360° College ExplorerTM Outlook Study  

An online survey of 2,000 college students and non-college students aged 18-24 that compares and contrasts their behaviors, habits, and attitudes on a wide variety of topics.

Harris Interactive Buyer Preference

Gain an in-depth understanding of the unique demands and preferences of your buyers, and how consumers currently purchase your products and services—particularly on the Internet.

Harris Interactive eCommercePulse SM

Powered by Nielsen//NetRatings and Harris Interactive, eCommercePulse is the first single-source ecommerce intelligence service for merchants, investors, and consultants. With an annual sample size of more than 400,000 interviews (33,000 per month) covering more than 300 leading ecommerce sites across 14 key vertical markets, it's the world's largest syndicated survey of business-to-consumer ecommerce behavior.

Harris Interactive FanKeep SM Season Ticket Holder Retention for Sports

FanKeep asks and answers the key questions that are designed to directly influence season ticket renewal rates. Learn the true financial impact of season ticket holder defections, along with the key reasons affecting renewal decisions. This information helps you design targeted marketing strategies to retain all levels of ticket holders and increase your revenue line.

Harris Interactive MARKETrack SM

Better understand the needs of your customers and the markets you serve by identifying and tracking critical market dynamics, such as awareness, consideration, purchase and re-purchase. By achieving a clear picture of how all the variables come together, you'll have a complete understanding of what is driving your sales, and your competitors' sales.

Harris Interactive Market Segmentation

You need critical information when developing strategies for profitable increase in market share and sustainable competitive advantage. Harris Interactive can develop research to help you understand who buys, what they buy, where they buy, and why they buy in order to help you make key business decisions.

Harris Interactive OnSite SM

Measure and track consumer awareness, usage, and satisfaction with the top health-related sites. Harris Interactive OnSite is the most comprehensive and in-depth website assessment product available in the industry. It evaluates more than 300 websites within 28 categories of health and medical information and provides detailed diagnostics and strategic direction to website sponsors, designers, consultants, and advertisers.

Harris Interactive Post-Marketing Surveillance for Health Care

Harris Interactive conducts a variety of health care studies addressing aspects of medication including measurements of compliance, persistence, effectiveness, health-related quality of life, and abuse liability.

Harris Interactive Qualitative Research

Explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and learn the factors that determine how people make choices. You can conduct a qualitative study as a stand-alone, or to complement quantitative research, using traditional or Internet-based methodologies to give you a unique "window" into the opinions of your customers.

Harris Interactive QuickQuery SM

Reach 2,000 respondents in 2 days! This omnibus research product gives you rich insights across a variety of target segments. Ask specific questions and get accurate, projectable answers. Ideal as a tracking tool or simply for getting answers fast.

Harris Interactive QuickSceener SM

Using "monadic concept screening," you can quickly and affordably test your product concepts with an independent sample of geographically diverse, nationally representative consumers.

Harris Interactive Website Evaluation

An evaluation of your existing site using different methods for recruiting respondents, depending upon the objectives of both the Web user and the research.