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Product Development

Do you know which new product ideas are the strongest and why? What different pricing levels can achieve? How your product positioning is similar to or different from those which already exist? Harris Interactive can find out the key things you need to know when developing a new product.

Concept Testing

Harris Interactive QuickSceener SM

Using "monadic concept screening," you can quickly and affordably test your product concepts with an independent sample of geographically diverse, nationally representative consumers.

Harris Interactive Economic Analysis

Analyses focused on "wallet share" inside customer accounts as well as on the value of longer-term customer relationships.

Harris Interactive New Product Development

Harris Interactive provides the research tools you need to create new product concepts, establish product goals, and develop detailed product specifications based on the needs of the customer for your target market.

Harris Interactive OnSite SM

Measure and track consumer awareness, usage, and satisfaction with the top health-related sites. Harris Interactive OnSite is the most comprehensive and in-depth website assessment product available in the industry. It evaluates more than 300 websites within 28 categories of health and medical information and provides detailed diagnostics and strategic direction to website sponsors, designers, consultants, and advertisers.

Harris Interactive Product Positioning

Research to help you determine how the market perceives your existing products at the awareness, consideration, and purchase decision phases of the buying process.

Harris Interactive Qualitative Research

Explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and learn the factors that determine how people make choices. You can conduct a qualitative study as a stand-alone, or to complement quantitative research, using traditional or Internet-based methodologies to give you a unique "window" into the opinions of your customers.

Harris Interactive Sports Site Evaluation

Does your sport site visitor find everything they are looking for on your site? We measure visitor satisfaction, behavior, and demographics, and compare them to the online population in general. Find out what your visitors want and where they go if they donít get it from you.

Harris Interactive Website Development

Get your Web site right the first time! Harris Interactive has designed a research process to help you identify and segment your markets, with the goal of providing just the right kind of information that key stakeholders are expecting.