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Public Affairs

Gauge the knowledge, opinions, behaviors, and motivation of the general public. Harris Interactive provides insights on issues such as education, health care, aging and longevity, crime and urban issues, labor relations, race relations, youth, the environment, arts and entertainment, finance and taxes, consumer issues, privacy, disability, foreign policy and more.

Harris Interactive CSMpact SM for Schools

Does your school district have a clear understanding of "educational quality" as defined by each of its stakeholder groups? Harris Interactive CSMpact for Schools allows districts to establish benchmarks, sharpen strategic planning and processes, and collect trend data at both the building and district level.

Harris Interactive Education—K-12 and Higher Ed

Harris Interactive is the only major US market research firm with a practice devoted solely to studying issues of importance in education. We are equipped to help you better understand educational issues through our custom and multi-client research capabilities.

Harris Interactive Election 2000 SM

A suite of products that uses the speed of the Internet to offer timely, comprehensive election polling—presidential campaign at the national level and in the states, plus important statewide and congressional races—at a surprisingly competitive price.

The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll weekly column, begun in 1963, is based on a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,000 adults aged 18 or over. It is one of the longest running, most respected series of surveys measuring public opinion. The Harris Poll publishes new survey data on a wide variety of subjects including politics, the economy, health care, foreign affairs, science and technology, sports and entertainment, and lifestyles.

Harris Interactive Public Affairs Surveys

Harris Interactive conducts surveys addressing important public policy issues. These surveys, both domestic and international, cover the general public, business leaders, policy makers, the media, and many hard-to-reach groups. Whether you're looking to make a change with your company or institution, or to shed light on an important policy issue, we can help you understand what people think about the issues that matter to you. 

Harris Interactive Qualitative Research

Explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and learn the factors that determine how people make choices. You can conduct a qualitative study as a stand-alone, or to complement quantitative research, using traditional or Internet-based methodologies to give you a unique "window" into the opinions of your customers.