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Satisfaction & Retention

Satisfaction and Retention research provides in-depth analysis and understanding into your customers' satisfaction and loyalty, giving you the ability to retain their business. Harris Interactive will determine the key drivers of their purchase decision, and identify the economic opportunities that will result from a reduction in customer attrition.

Harris Interactive CSMpact SM for Schools

Does your school district have a clear understanding of "educational quality" as defined by each of its stakeholder groups? Harris Interactive CSMpact for Schools allows districts to establish benchmarks, sharpen strategic planning and processes, and collect trend data at both the building and district level.

Harris Interactive Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Enhance your image and organizational performance by linking your customer needs and expectations to operational and functional metrics.

Harris Interactive Defection Analysis

Why do customers take their business to the competition? Harris Interactive Defection Analysis research can tell you why, and how to prevent it.

Harris Interactive Economic Analysis  

Analyses focused on "wallet-share" inside customer accounts as well as on the value of longer-term customer relationships.

Harris Interactive FanKeep SM Season Ticket Holder Retention for Sports

FanKeep asks and answers the key questions that are designed to directly influence season ticket renewal rates. Learn the true financial impact of season ticket holder defections, along with the key reasons affecting renewal decisions. This information helps you design targeted marketing strategies to retain all levels of ticket holders and increase your revenue line.

Harris Interactive MemberKeep SM for Health Care

Do you need to know the true level of defection within your customer base and why members are leaving? Harris Interactive MemberKeep will identify where they’re going, and how they rate the competition through Internet-based surveys and analyses that give you region-specific customer information.

Harris Interactive Member Retention for Health Care

Zero in on potential defectors, define who they are, and determine why they might switch to a competitor through research programs designed for perception management in the health care arena.

Harris Interactive Qualitative Research

Explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and learn the factors that determine how people make choices. You can conduct a qualitative study as a stand-alone, or to complement quantitative research, using traditional or Internet-based methodologies to give you a unique "window" into the opinions of your customers.

Harris Interactive RSVP Student Retention Survey for Colleges

Gather the information to help direct retention efforts to areas which will have the greatest impact on your students' success and persistence. Assess student retention as defined by students’ stated educational goals.

Harris Interactive Retention Management

Harris Interactive can give the loudest voice to your most valuable customers. Our improved CRM process can identify your most valuable customers and prospects so that you can target and sharpen your acquisition, retention and cross-selling strategies.

Harris Interactive Value Driver Analysis

Analyses that help you determine how your customers make decisions, which factors are most important in the process, and the relative importance of these factors to different customer types.