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1956 – Louis Harris and Associates (LHA) is founded in New York City.

1960 – Mr. Harris conducts all of the polling for John Kennedy in his successful bid for the presidency while being a key member of Kennedy's strategy team.

1962 – LHA pioneers the use of "key precinct" models to predict the results of presidential and congressional elections for CBS.

1963 – Mr. Harris gives up partisan polling for political candidates and starts to write a regular column (The Harris Poll) which has appeared weekly ever since. LHA has maintained this independence from political polling ever since 1963.

1966 – The Harris Poll begins asking questions on "confidence in institutions" and the "alienation index" which have been run regularly ever since and provide two of the most important indicators of the mood of the American people.

1969 – LHA is acquired by Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette, the Wall Street investment bank and brokerage firm.

1970 – LHA acquires its first subsidiary in Britain, which becomes the Harris Research Centre.

1970 – Beginning of LHA’s two longest running surveys, namely the bi-annual survey of the Travel Industry Market for Travel Weekly, and the bi-annual survey of advertising agency reputations among the nation's largest advertisers. Both these surveys continue to this day.

1971 – Initiation of large-scale multi-national survey research with a survey of the corporate market for banking services in twenty of the world's largest economies.

1975 – Gordon S. Black Corporation (GSBC) is founded in Rochester, New York, providing high quality business-to-business and consumer research through a full range of qualitative and quantitative custom research services. GSBC also conducts research in the Education and Health Care markets.

1975 – The Gannett Corporation which operates television, radio stations and publishes newspapers acquires LHA from Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette.

1976 – LHA launches Louis Harris France in Paris.

1979 – LHA conducts its first research for a foundation, a nationwide survey of members of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) for the Kaiser Family Foundation. Since then, the LHA has conducted well over a hundred surveys for many of the nation's leading foundations.

1982 – The Business Week/Harris Poll begins and continues to this day.

1987 – LHA starts the Health Care Outlook service, providing forecasts and analyses to most of the nation's leading pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies and other organizations heavily invested in health care. This service, now called Strategic Health Perspectives, is a joint venture with the Harvard School of Public Health and futurist Ian Morrison.

1992 – Mr. Harris retires from LHA and Humphrey Taylor, formerly the President and the Chief Operating Officer, becomes CEO.

1992 LHA predicts President Clinton's margin of victory to within one-half percent and also produces the most accurate predictions of Ross Perot's vote, voter turnout, and the electoral college vote in the ’92 Presidential election.

1992 – Beginning of the Harris international affiliate network, which now includes Harris Interactive’s firms in all regions of the world.

1994 – LHA's European subsidiaries, the Harris Research Centre in London and Louis Harris France in Paris, are sold to Sofres, the major French-owned research company. They continue to work closely with Harris Interactive as the Harris international affiliate network continues to grow. Harris Interactive has conducted research in over 82 countries.

1995 – GSBC receives the New York State Excelsior Award for Quality.

1996 – GSBC acquires the New York City-based Louis Harris and Associates.

1997 – Formation of Harris Black International (HBI) as our parent company.

1998 – HBI begins using the Internet to conduct surveys online.

1998 – GSBC becomes the first business service supplier to receive certification as a Xerox Quality Supplier.

1999 – Harris Interactive is created, uniting our entire organization under one brand, with Gordon S. Black as Chairman and CEO. 

1999 Harris Interactive becomes a public company on December 6.

2001 Harris Interactive acquires the custom research group of Yankelovich Partners.

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