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The Harris Poll Online Panel

With multimillion members and growing, our online market research panel is one of the largest in the world. As the Harris Poll Online (HPOL) has expanded to achieve worldwide recognition, we have built a panel of survey respondents diverse in their backgrounds, behaviors, and attitudes. Our panel members hail from over 200 countries, and come ready and willing to take surveys on a wide variety of topics.


Specialized Panels

We also offer our panel members the opportunity to qualify for participation in several different subpanels. A subpanel is a group of surveytakers who share a common interest or set of circumstances, and participate in topic-specific surveys.

We have over 500,000 panel members in our Chronic Illness subpanel, willing to participate in research on clinical trials, health insurance, and other relevant medical issues.

We are currently recruiting practicing physicians to participate in online survey research for our Physician Panel. The results from the Physician Panel surveys will be used not only to help shape health policy, but also to provide physician input to the development of drugs and products of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We host similar subpanels for Movie Critics, Political Issues, Product, Advertising, & Concept Testing, Information Technology, and Small Office/Home Office.

For our teenage panelists (ages 13-18), we solicit feedback on relevant issues and products through participation in the HarrisZoneSM.



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