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Complete Product List

Harris Interactive 360° College ExplorerTM Outlook Study  

An online survey of 2,000 college students and non-college students aged 18-24 that compares and contrasts their behaviors, habits, and attitudes on a wide variety of topics.

Harris Interactive 10,000 Patient Study  

A wealth of new information about chronically ill consumers—how they are interacting with plans, providers, and treatments, and how they are using the Internet—analyzed by 15 major disease states and 41 disease categories.

Harris Interactive Brand Equity Assessment and Tracking

Measure the strengths and weaknesses of your brand in the context of product categories, market and industry segments, including awareness, perceived quality, loyalty, and image associations over time.

Harris Interactive Brand Identity Development

Brand identity development research will gather insightful feedback for formulating your brand identity, assessing alternate concepts, deciding on how to best execute your brand identity program, and making brand decisions on a timely basis.

Harris Interactive Buyer Preference

Gain an in-depth understanding of the unique demands and preferences of your buyers, and how consumers currently purchase your products and services—particularly on the Internet.

Harris Interactive Clinical Trial Recruitment

Efficiency and affordability in clinical trial recruitment—accelerate your drug development process through pre-qualified patients from our chronic illness panel who have expressed interest in participating in clinical trials.

Harris Interactive Computing in the Physician's Practice

The use of information technology is perhaps the single most important issue in the transformation of American medicine. We can reveal, through data, analyses, forecasts, and implications for every sector of the health care industry, how information technology is affecting the physician's practice.

Harris Interactive Corporate Image Assessment

Diagnose how your brand is perceived by various markets to help you make the right decisions to strengthen your brand.

Harris Interactive Corporate Leadership

Help your company generate favorable publicity and stimulate sales through powerful and cost-effective corporate leadership research.

Harris Interactive CSMpact SM for Schools

Does your school district have a clear understanding of "educational quality" as defined by each of its stakeholder groups? Harris Interactive CSMpact for Schools allows districts to establish benchmarks, sharpen strategic planning and processes, and collect trend data at both the building and district level.

Harris Interactive Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Enhance your image and organizational performance by linking your customer needs and expectations to operational and functional metrics.

Harris Interactive Defection Analysis

Why do customers take their business to the competition? Harris Interactive Defection Analysis research can tell you why, and how to prevent it.

Harris Interactive eCommercePulse SM

Powered by Nielsen//NetRatings and Harris Interactive, eCommercePulse is the first single-source ecommerce intelligence service for merchants, investors, and consultants. With an annual sample size of more than 400,000 interviews (33,000 per month) covering more than 300 leading ecommerce sites across 14 key vertical markets, it's the world's largest syndicated survey of business-to-consumer ecommerce behavior.

Harris Interactive Economic Analysis

Analyses focused on "wallet-share" inside customer accounts as well as on the value of longer-term customer relationships.

Harris Interactive FanKeep SM Season Ticket Holder Retention for Sports

FanKeep asks and answers the key questions that are designed to directly influence season ticket renewal rates. Learn the true financial impact of season ticket holder defections, along with the key reasons affecting renewal decisions. This information helps you design targeted marketing strategies to retain all levels of ticket holders and increase your revenue line.

The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll weekly column, begun in 1963, is based on a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,000 adults aged 18 or over. It is one of the longest running, most respected series of surveys measuring public opinion. The Harris Poll publishes new survey data on a wide variety of subjects including politics, the economy, health care, foreign affairs, science and technology, sports and entertainment, and lifestyles.

Harris Interactive GLBT Panel

Conduct the research you need to develop better, cost-effective marketing strategies targeting gay and lesbian households. Our exclusive partner, Witeck-Combs Communications, has a unique track record advising corporations and non-profits about the identity and characteristics of the gay and lesbian consumer. Together we have all the tools to answer your questions about the LGBT community.

Harris Interactive MARKETrack SM

Better understand the needs of your customers and the markets you serve by identifying and tracking critical market dynamics, such as awareness, consideration, purchase and re-purchase. By achieving a clear picture of how all the variables come together, you'll have a complete understanding of what is driving your sales, and your competitors' sales.

Harris Interactive Market Segmentation

You need critical information when developing strategies for profitable increase in market share and sustainable competitive advantage. Harris Interactive can develop research to help you understand who buys, what they buy, where they buy, and why they buy in order to help you make key business decisions.

Harris Interactive MemberKeep SM  for Health Care

Do you need to know the true level of defection within your customer base and why members are leaving? Harris Interactive MemberKeep will identify where they’re going, and how they rate the competition through Internet-based surveys and analyses that give you region-specific customer information.

Harris Interactive Member Retention for Health Care

Zero in on potential defectors, define who they are, and determine why they might switch to a competitor through research programs designed for perception management in the health care arena.

Harris Interactive New Product Development

Harris Interactive provides the research tools you need to create new product concepts, establish product goals, and develop detailed product specifications based on the needs of the customer for your target market.

Harris Interactive OnSite SM

Measure and track consumer awareness, usage, and satisfaction with the top health-related sites. Harris Interactive OnSite is the most comprehensive and in-depth website assessment product available in the industry. It evaluates more than 300 websites within 28 categories of health and medical information and provides detailed diagnostics and strategic direction to website sponsors, designers, consultants, and advertisers.

Panel Recruitment and Development

Harris Interactive has built a panel of survey respondents with diverse backgrounds, behaviors, and attitudes. Our panel members hail from over 200 countries, and come ready and willing to take surveys on a wide variety of topics.
We have over 500,000 panel members in our Chronic Illness subpanel, willing to participate in research on clinical trials, health insurance, and other relevant medical issues.

We are currently recruiting practicing physicians to participate in online survey research for our Physician Panel. The results from the Physician Panel surveys will be used not only to help shape health policy, but also to provide physician input to the development of drugs and products of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

We host similar panels for Movie Critics, Political Issues, Product, Advertising, & Concept Testing, Information Technology, and Small Office/Home Office.

For our teenage panelists (ages 13-18) we solicit feedback on relevant issues and products through participation in the HarrisZone SM. And with parental permission, younger audiences can participate through the HarrisKidZone SM, our polling community for children ages 8 to 12.

Harris Interactive Patient PharmAssessment

Harris Interactive gives you the information you need to better promote your brand and improve your bottom line, through a definitive study on the consumers of prescription drugs.

Harris Interactive Post-Marketing Surveillance for Health Care

Harris Interactive conducts a variety of health care studies addressing aspects of medication including measurements of compliance, persistence, effectiveness, health-related quality of life, and abuse liability.

Harris Interactive Product Positioning

Research to help you determine how the market perceives your existing products at the awareness, consideration, and purchase decision phases of the buying process.

Professional Services for Market Research Firms

The Harris Interactive Service Bureau provides Internet data collection to other market research firms. Our clients are able to offer Internet-based market research to their clients without the significant capital investment required to create and maintain the technological infrastructure, methodology development, and online databases. We provide you with the same level of quality, attention, and responsiveness as you would expect from your own staff, so you can concentrate on your customers.

Harris Interactive Public Affairs Surveys

Harris Interactive conducts surveys addressing important public policy issues. These surveys, both domestic and international, cover the general public, business leaders, policy makers, the media, and many hard-to-reach groups. Whether you're looking to make a change with your company or institution, or to shed light on an important policy issue, we can help you understand what people think about the issues that matter to you.

Harris Interactive Qualitative Research

Explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and learn the factors that determine how people make choices. You can conduct a qualitative study as a stand-alone, or to complement quantitative research, using traditional or Internet-based methodologies to give you a unique "window" into the opinions of your customers.

Harris Interactive QuickQuery SM

Reach 2,000 respondents in 2 days! This omnibus research product gives you rich insights across a variety of target segments. Ask specific questions and get accurate, projectable answers. Ideal as a tracking tool or simply for getting answers fast.

Harris Interactive QuickSceener SM

Using "monadic concept screening," you can quickly and affordably test your product concepts with an independent sample of geographically diverse, nationally representative consumers.

Harris Interactive RSVP Student Retention Survey for Colleges

Gather the information to help direct retention efforts to areas which will have the greatest impact on your students' success and persistence. Assess student retention as defined by students’ stated educational goals.

Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient SM

What do key stakeholder groups—the general public, customers, corporate employees, general investors, and consumer boycotters—think about your company? Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient (RQ) will help you identify ways you can leverage this information to your reputation’s advantage. We can develop a customized RQ study for virtually any industry, and we may have even already developed a study that includes your business.

Harris Interactive Retention Management

Help your company achieve world-class levels of customer retention and loyalty through an in-depth understanding of your customers, and what influences their purchase decisions.

Harris Interactive ShopperInsights SM

Why do consumers shop where they do, and why do they switch accounts? Harris Interactive ShopperInsights, a consumer-based study of over 26,000 primary household shoppers, provides manufacturers and retailers with keen insights into chain-based loyalty.

Sponsorship Investment Analysis

What are the most visible sports sponsorship opportunities? Which leagues are associated with the most visible sponsors? Where will your sponsorship dollars have the longest duration? The Harris Interactive Sports Poll SM can answer these questions, and more, to help you make smart investments with your sponsorship dollars and improve ROI.

Harris Interactive Sports Site Evaluation

Does your sport site visitor find everything they are looking for on your site? We measure visitor satisfaction, behavior, and demographics, and compare them to the online population in general. Find out what your visitors want and where they go if they don't get it from you.

Harris Interactive Strategic Health Perspectives

A study that helps health care and biopharmaceutical company executives to anticipate the direction, pace, and scope of industry change over the next 2 to 5 years.

Harris Interactive Value Driver Analysis

Analyses that help you determine how your customers make decisions, which factors are most important in the process, and the relative importance of these factors to different customer types.

Harris Interactive Virtual Voice SM

Qualitative, online interviewing used to explore and test ideas, discover the range of different perceptions and experiences between people, and explore the factors that determine how people make choices.

Harris Interactive Website Development

Get your Web site right the first time! Harris Interactive has designed a research process to help you identify and segment your markets, with the goal of providing just the right kind of information that key stakeholders are expecting.

Harris Interactive Website Evaluation

An evaluation of your existing site using different methods for recruiting respondents, depending upon the objectives of both the Web user and the research.

Harris Interactive YouthPulse SM

If you're marketing to kids and teens, you need to understand how they embrace media and brands, where they spend their money or exert their influence, and how they react to advertising. Harris Interactive YouthPulse brings you the world’s most definitive survey of today’s online youth, their behaviors and attitudes, to help your business reach the fastest growing market segment in history.

Harris Interactive YouthQuerySM Omnibus

Ask questions and get accurate, projectable answers from young consumers nationwide-within just 2 weeks! Harris Interactive YouthQuery is fielded as an online survey monthly with 850 members of Generation Y-from ages 8 to 24.