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Clinical Trials Research

Using the Internet to Give You Unsurpassed Clinical Trials Results


  • being certain of enrollment and recruitment success
  • having more control over the recruitment process
  • knowing in advance what it would take to motivate patients to participate in your next study...

Today, all this is possible when you pair up with Harris Interactive's Clinical Trials Practice.

Harris Interactive, the leading global Internet-based research firm, is applying its Internet methodology, health care research knowledge, and Chronic Illness Panel to clinical trial recruitment and retention. With 45 years' experience in conducting health care research, Harris Interactive has built an extensive library on numerous medical conditions. This knowledge, coupled with our leading-edge technology, can be your competitive advantage.

Our Philosophy | The Chronic Illness Panel | Products and Services
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Our Internet-based Research Philosophy

When you use Harris Interactive's proven Internet-based research for clinical trial recruitment and retention, you can expect the following advantages:

Precise Targeting: We have a unique ability to draw on a large subpanel of individuals who already have physician-diagnosed medical conditions. Recruitment efforts can be precisely targeted at the population under investigation and exclusively from a predefined area around each site—without making unnecessary inquiries.

Flexibility: Recruitment can be accelerated or slowed for each site by controlling the flow rate of email invitations on a daily or weekly basis. These qualities of precision and control are often lacking in traditional media recruitment.

Scalability: Recruitment can be synchronized with and tailored to site capacity, resulting in a measured flow of referred subjects to the site. That means fewer lost referrals and more productive sites.

Reach: We can reach patients in low incidence disease categories where media recruitment campaigns can be expensive.

Power: We have the ability to screen and interview hundreds of thousands of potential study subjects overnight.

Synergy: Internet recruitment can be tightly integrated with traditional recruitment methods to enhance study performance.

High Value: We have a portfolio of products and services that can be executed to ensure you meet or exceed the clinical trial recruitment and retention targets.

The Chronic Illness Panel

The Chronic Illness Panel is a subpanel of Harris Interactive's Internet panel—now numbering more than 7 million cooperative respondents. This subpanel consists of respondents who have expressed interest in participating in clinical trials and/or market research studies. Our Chronic Illness Panel is a remarkable tool that can help you study any one of 44 different medical conditions.

Recruitment from the Chronic Illness Panel is completed within the projections of expected enrollment rates. Potential subjects are identified and pre-qualified online and then referred to sites at a flow rate consistent with site capacity. Plus, Harris Interactive's online recruitment can be integrated with traditional research methods, to greatly enhance study performance.

Products and Services

Voice of the Patient

Using our Chronic Illness Panel, we conduct pre-study research to gather critical patient information. The panel is used to verify/identify incidence, response rate assumptions, screen failure rates, potential barriers to enrollment, effectiveness of specific recruitment messages and the subject's understanding of the informed consent document. These results are then used to shape the design of the study to be "patient driven." Ultimately, we can determine in advance, and in less time, issues that may influence recruitment and study performance—assuring study success at potentially lower per patient costs.

Internet Recruitment

Using our Chronic Illness Panel, we have access to people with 44 different medical conditions. Our proactive approach:

  • identifies and pre-qualifies potential subjects online
  • matches subjects to study locations
  • controls subject flow rates to the sites.

Internet recruitment complements traditional forms of recruitment methodologies, and provides a jump-start for your study.

Call Center

Harris Interactive has an ISO 9002 certified call center consisting of experts in health care studies and patient screening. With over 20 years' experience in telephone research, our call center has become the communication hub between potential subjects, sites, and study team members. We can manage both inbound (to pre-qualify potential subjects) and outbound (to maintain contact with potential subjects to preserve interest) calls.

Performance Measures

We track performance at every step throughout the recruitment pipeline, from initial contact to randomization. Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are moving toward performance-based contracts for clinical trial recruitment and retention. We strive to co-develop the right set of performance measures and provide online analysis reporting to keep study team members fully informed of the study's progress. Our research can be helpful in understanding performance variations.

Site Management

Achieving site buy-in is critical to the success of every trial. To this end, Harris Interactive:

  • obtains input and critical information necessary for recruitment
  • assesses site capacity to handle subject referrals
  • helps the study team gain buy-in.

Our highly trained team also communicates regularly with sites and site personnel to manage every aspect of the enrollment and retention process.

Project Management

Our project managers work closely with study teams, site personnel, and Harris Interactive staff to access the recruitment program and provide counsel throughout the study. Our goal is to meet or exceed the study targets in terms of quality, speed, and value.

News Releases

We periodically issue news releases related to the Clinical Trials and Health Care industries. By clicking on the link below, you will go to the News Room section of our website. View the current Clinical Trials & Health Care news releases.