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Tap the Knowledge that can Make a Difference in Your Ebusiness

With Harris Interactive as your research partner, you can expect a high level of quality and service. That's because we have 45 years of experience in market research, with an entire practice devoted solely to ebusiness intelligence. Plus, with more than 7 million people in our online panel, we have the largest pool of cooperative respondents in the world. This allows us to contact specific segments of customers, or develop custom studies of the general online population, and dig for the specifics that can point your online business in a new and more profitable direction.

We can design studies that are:

  • Qualitative or quantitative
  • Custom or syndicated
  • Location-specific or international
  • Business-to-business or business-to-consumer


eCommercePulse | Market Segmentation | Customer Satisfaction | Loyalty & Retention | Website Assessment | Qualitative Research | News Releases


The World’s Largest Ecommerce Syndicated Survey Dataset

eCommercePulseSM, brought to you by Harris Interactive and Nielsen//NetRatings, is the first single-source ecommerce-intelligence service for merchants, investors, and consultants. With a sample size of 100,000 per quarter and 33,000 per month, it’s the largest survey of business-to-consumer behavior in terms of both breadth and depth. This syndicated service provides integrated monthly reports on more than 300 ecommerce sites across 14 key vertical markets to track ecommerce behavior, trends, and spending.

Between the eCommercePulseSM dataset and our extensive knowledge about the ecommerce marketplace, we can cost-effectively recontact a targeted group of online consumers—shoppers and/or buyers—and conduct a survey for answers to your specific ecommerce questions. For example, if visitors to your ecommerce site make their purchases elsewhere, you can find out why and where those purchases take place.

Custom Studies

Market Segmentation—Learn how your customers’ (and potential customers’) needs, attitudes, preferences, and behaviors in a specific consumer space define your segments, based on clusters of attitudinal and/or behavioral characteristics. Your market segmentation allows you to target customers and:

  • Determine product/service configurations, positioning, pricing, and channels
  • Support marketing, promotions, and decisions for advertising
  • Enhance your relationships with your customers
  • Capitalize on online and offline business opportunities

Customer Satisfaction—Our customer satisfaction model identifies those areas where improvement will have the greatest impact on increasing customer satisfaction. Harris Interactive’s CSMpactSM methodology is a proprietary customer satisfaction measurement tool that reveals what customers really think of your product or company—and what motivates them to choose you over the competition. It provides a step-by-step, prioritized set of specific actions you can take to create the greatest impact for your ebusiness, with the most efficient use of resources.

Loyalty and Retention Management—To help you keep your most valuable customers and find out how to influence their purchase decisions, our Loyalty and Retention Management System provides you with:

  • A predictive model to determine which customers are most likely to leave
  • An early warning system to predict which customers are most vulnerable
  • Customer segments based on the appeal of your products and services
  • Consultation to help you put the most appropriate solutions in place

Website Assessment—Harris Interactive's Comprehensive Website Assessment Survey taps the proven success of Harris Interactive’s CSMpactSM Customer Satisfaction methodology to measure your website visitors’ satisfaction. Each survey includes:

  • Modules to track performance, and identify and measure key drivers of visitor satisfaction
  • A customizable module to get answers to your company's specific questions
  • Feedback on a specific task or activity, such as executing a search function
  • Key demographic and cybergraphic questions that fit your objectives
  • Alternative competitive assessments that allow you to compare other websites against your competition, or to benchmark your site against best-in-class websites
  • Optional modules for evaluating your performance if you engage in ecommerce

If you’re designing or revising your website, we can help. Get specific input and feedback on concept designs, marketing strategies, communications plans, and product or service modifications to help you build or enhance your website. With our expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research, you can be sure your site offers visitors the best features, functionality, and overall design to help your business benefit online. For example, considering three different potential home page designs? We can tell you which will best meet your strategic intent.

Qualitative Research—Our experienced moderators can provide you with unique insights on what your customers think and feel. We can conduct standalone studies or combine them with quantitative research. And we offer you the flexibility of traditional face-to-face studies or Internet-based focus groups or bulletin boards.

If you would like to speak with a representative in our Ebusiness Practice, please contact us.

News Releases

We periodically issue news releases related to the Ebusiness industry. By clicking on the link below, you will go to the News Room section of our website. View the current Ebusiness news releases.