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Take Your Institution to the Next Level

As the higher education market becomes more complex and more competitive, colleges and universities have an increasing need for current, in-depth information about their stakeholders and students. Harris Interactive offers a variety of survey research solutions that can help institutions of higher education develop plans and programs which respond to student needs, position themselves to attract the students they want, and to keep graduates as active alumni.

Many of America’s most respected colleges and universities choose Harris Interactive to assist them with their survey research needs. Harris Interactive’s Education Research Practice has created a variety of research approaches using traditional quantitative, qualitative, and innovative Internet methodologies, specifically to help institutions of higher learning.

The Harris Interactive Difference

At Harris Interactive, all the projects we undertake begin with questions. Whether your project involves primary qualitative analysis of interviews with a few University Presidents or quantitative studies of hundreds of thousands of students and parents, you’ll know what to expect beforehand. The better we understand your objectives at the outset of your research effort, and the better we communicate what our research and consulting can do for you, the more effective the effort will be.

It’s the Value of Our Service—Pure and Simple

We convey to our clients what their research will actually mean in relation to their strategic objectives, before it begins. This understanding, combined with our ability to interpret and make the right recommendations from survey results, is what sets us apart from our competitors. We understand that the insights from research can help provide the power to get you where you want to be.

Clients continually return to us because they want more than information. They want consultants who can provide the insights they need to make the right decisions based on facts. That’s why they choose Harris Interactive.

Research for Your University

Alumni/ Development Studies | Admissions/ Enrollment Management Studies | Awareness and Image Studies | Employer Surveys | R.S.V.P. Retention Survey | Student and Faculty Satisfaction Studies | News Releases


Alumni/ Development Studies  

We focus on helping those responsible for development to segment their alumni base, and to target their appeals to the individual needs of alumni. We begin with the extensive statistical analysis of past giving behavior, and supplement this research with an attitudinal survey of donors/ non-donors. These techniques allow us to effectively model alumni giving behavior and to suggest proven tactics for maximizing the support you receive from alumni. 

Admissions/ Enrollment Management Studies  

Harris Interactive has developed a number of research methods to support admissions personnel and enrollment managers. We help you understand what motivates students to consider your institution, to apply for admission, and to accept your offer of admission. The goal is to help you maximize the yield from your applicant pool by targeting your marketing and recruitment efforts to the most appropriate segments of the potential student market—to ensure that your enrolled class will meet the unique goals of your institution. 

Awareness and Image Studies  

Harris Interactive can help institutions understand the markets in which they operate, and document their position within those markets. We help you understand and shape the perception the world has of your college or university, and help you evaluate whether or not your current communications strategies are effective. 

Employer Surveys  

Supported by Harris Interactive’s expertise in business-to-business research, the Education Research Practice can help you survey current or potential employers. An employer survey can establish the regional and national market demand for graduates of new or existing academic programs, and can identify specific skill sets and competencies most desired by the employers who will be hiring your graduates. This type of research is designed to be easily incorporated into curriculum feasibility studies, program reviews, or accreditation self-studies. 

R.S.V.P. Retention Survey  

Retention and student success are important issues in higher education, and Harris Interactive has developed a student survey which can help colleges gain insight into factors specific to their institution which have the most impact on student persistence. By focusing on students’ goals, as well as on their satisfaction with their college experiences, the R.S.V.P. Student Retention Survey (“Reasons Students Vary in Persistence”) provides models and prioritized action items which an institution can use to make informed decisions regarding strategic planning, resource allocation, and retention programming. 

Student and Faculty Satisfaction Studies  

Harris Interactive’s expertise in customer satisfaction and loyalty research is particularly useful in a university environment. Our freshman year surveys can help you maximize student satisfaction. Feedback from our course evaluation systems helps to improve teaching. Likewise, feedback from our faculty surveys can help increase productivity and motivation.

News Releases

We periodically issue news releases related to the Education field. By clicking on the link below, you will go to the News Room section of our website. View the current Education news releases.