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Harris Interactive and Sports Research—A Winning Team

Our Sports Practice combines expertise in the field of sports research, marketing, and sponsorship with Harris Interactive’s 45 year tradition in political polling and market research to provide clients with the critical knowledge they need to make sound, strategic business decisions.

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Industry Trends

The Harris Interactive SportsPollSM—the ultimate source for sports industry research and information—provides detailed tracking data on sports industry trends including sponsorship opportunities; fan levels; favorite teams, sports participation and equipment purchasing; licensed merchandise; sports programming and media technology; online sports activity; event attendance; season ticket holders; and consumer preferences and behaviors.


If you are concerned about maintaining fan loyalty, Harris Interactive offers FanKeepSM Season Ticket Holder Retention—specially designed to answer those key questions necessary for maintaining annual consumer loyalty. If your organization is interested in learning the true financial impact of season ticket holder defections and how to efficiently retain your fans, FanKeep STHR can tell you.

Sporting Goods Industry

The Harris Interactive SGB Poll provides the data necessary to track and predict trends in the sporting goods industry. The poll provides data on:

  • what sports Americans are participating in
  • licensed merchandise purchasing and intent to purchase
  • reasons for retail selections such as footwear, apparel, equipment, licensed merchandise, and reasons for the product choice
  • what items and where people buy on the spur of the moment
  • Internet site(s) used to make online equipment purchases
  • online purchasing volume compared to purchasing volume of the same equipment from retail outlets
  • when people are driven by price versus convenience versus product selection versus customer service
  • the role of brand loyalty in product selection
  • and more

Not only does the SGB Poll deliver all of this information, it also goes that extra mile by allowing you to track the information through time. The Harris Interactive SGB Poll can help you develop successful marketing and retailing strategies to meet the changing business landscape.


The Harris Interactive Sponsorship Evaluation Tool can help you determine the return on investment from your sponsorships and advertisements. Evaluate the increase in the likelihood of people to use your products or services when they are aware of your sponsorship and the image they associate with your company, industry, and sports sponsored. Determine the marketing messages that will increase awareness and improve sales. Harris Interactive has the data and information you need to evaluate your individual sponsorship programs.

The Harris Interactive Sponsorship Evaluation Index provides data before and after key events to determine how the event changed product visibility, image, and loyalty.

If you want to determine the value of your Olympic sponsorship, The Harris Interactive Olympic Sponsorship Study can provide the consumer tracking data you need to quantify your investment.

  • Does awareness of your sponsorship make consumers twice as likely to buy your brand or 4 times more likely?
  • How aware are people of your Olympic sponsorship and what image do they associate with your company?
  • What marketing message would resonate most powerfully with your consumer targets?
  • During what Olympic events should you advertise?
  • How can I justify my sponsorship investment?

The Harris Interactive Olympic Sponsorship Study provides the information to effectively assess how to better leverage your sponsorship for 2002 and beyond.

Using the data we gather, we will calculate how well your marketing messages are resonating with your targets. We'll tell you how likely your target audience will be to use, or consider using, your products if they are aware of your status as an Olympic Sponsor. If you want to know which athletes or sports will be the most effective at enhancing your image, we have the answers to these questions and more.

Sports & the Internet

If you want to know how to both efficiently increase satisfaction with likelihood to recommend and likelihood to return to your site, Harris Interactive Sports Site Evaluation is your tool. We can compare the reactions of visitors to your site with visitor reactions to competitor sites, compare your visitor demographics to those of the general Internet population, as well as recommend what you can do to improve your site in order to increase traffic.

Harris Interactive ecommercePulseSM is the largest study of Internet and brick and mortar shopping that tracks site satisfaction, shopping, and purchasing levels from the top 250 e-commerce sites across 13 categories, including a health and fitness category.

Concept Testing

If you want to test fan reaction to a new logo/design or mascot, Harris Interactive QuickScreenerSM can tell you within a week which logo/design or mascot will sell more licensed merchandise or increase fan loyalty.

Tracking Panels

We can establish specialized panels for tracking surveys. If you want to follow issues ranging from factors affecting fan avidity, to factors influencing team allegiance, we have the tools and the expertise necessary to provide you with timely and accurate data.

Custom Research

Harris Interactive has combined extensive experience in the sports industry with sports research to develop products and services that meet the industry's needs. Harris Interactive can work with you to develop solutions to your business issues. With the panel of respondents from our variety of sports products, Harris Interactive can efficiently design recontact studies for you to directly target your hard-to-reach audience(s).

News Releases

We periodically issue news releases related to the Sports industry. By clicking on the link below, you will go to the News Room section of our website. View the current Sports news releases.


We periodically publish issues of our Sports & Entertainment newsletter—SporTainmentSM Newsin Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). (If you do not have it, you may download the free Acrobat Reader here.) By clicking on the link below, you will go to the News Room section of our website. View the newsletters.