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Physician Panel Registration

If you have received a letter inviting you to participate in the panel and want to register for the panel now please visit the website below: 

If you are a physician practicing in the United States and are interested in participating in online research, please read on.


About the Panel

The Harris Interactive Physician Panel is an excellent opportunity to participate in national health care research on physician practices and general health policy issues. As a member of the Physician Panel, you will receive an email approximately once a month from Harris Interactive inviting you to participate in a survey. To participate, click on the link within the email and follow the directions. If you choose not to participate, no action is required. You will receive an honorarium of up to $200 for each survey you take.

Surveys usually take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can be done from anywhere that you have Internet access, at any time of day or night wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.

The results from the online surveys will be used not only to help shape health policy, but also to provide physician input to the development of drugs and products of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Whenever possible, results of the surveys will be shared with you.

There are no membership fees and your confidentiality is guaranteed. Your identity will never be revealed and your name and email address will never be shared with any other organization. In addition, you may unsubscribe from the Physician Panel at any time. At Harris Interactive, we strictly adhere to the professional standards of the major survey research organizations in the United States.


Our commitment to you:

  • You will receive an honorarium for each survey completed. You may choose to receive your payment by check or, if you prefer, we can send your honorarium to a charity of your choice.
  • Your identity and the responses you provide are completely confidential. In the 40-year history of our highly respected Harris Poll, we have never violated the trust of our respondents. We will maintain this tradition by fiercely guarding your privacy.
  • The only communication that you will receive from Harris Interactive will concern either opportunities to participate in surveys, information about results of surveys, or communication about your honorarium. Harris Interactive guarantees that we will never release your name or email address to any other person or organization.
  • The Harris Poll is one of the oldest and most prestigious polls in the United States. Harris Interactive is a member of the National Council of Public Polls (NCPP), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and the Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR). The firm abides by the professional standards of these three organizations.



If you are interested in participating, please go to the following link and complete our brief registration survey:

If you would like to refer a physician colleague, they may register for the Physician Panel by using the same registration survey address.



If you have any questions about the Harris Interactive Physician Panel, please contact us at: or by calling 1.800.866.7655 ext. 8003



Who We Are

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