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Quota Management SystemSM

Your Online Survey Watchdog

When you hire Harris Interactive to conduct a web-based survey, you can be sure you won’t end up spending more than you've budgeted to reach exactly the people you need to reach.

Establishing precise quotas for online surveys increases survey efficiency and lowers costs. If you set a target of 2,000 respondents to achieve the right accuracy and confidence levels, it won't improve your results to reach 2,500 people. Reaching more people is a waste of time and money, which merely drives up the cost of the survey and delays results when you really need them.


What Does QMS Do for You?

QMS lets users create, modify, and enforce quotas within Harris Interactive's existing survey infrastructure. You tell us what level of confidence, what incidence rate, and what accuracy rate you need to achieve, and we'll calculate exactly how many respondents will need to participate. QMS acts as a circuit breaker when your quotas are reached—automatically concluding portions or all of your survey.

QMS guarantees you'll reach exactly the number of people you need, without reaching too many in the process.


Software Specifics (in PDF file format)

QMS v1.0



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