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Get Your Hands on the Data

Desktop and Web-based Decision Support Systems

Harris Interactive has a complete suite of decision support tools, from desktop simulators to customized business intelligence portals that make processing and reporting results both easy and efficient.

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ViewPort provides timely access to research results in almost any format imaginable, whether for a few users or thousands of them. ViewPort enables users to easily create graphical, tabular reports—from the respondent level to the worldwide level—using styles and elements that the user selects. It provides virtually limitless reporting options designed to meet the needs of the CEO (for instance, a dashboard-type presentation of real-time performance metrics) to the needs of those responsible for managing very granular issues.

The advantages to using ViewPort include:
  • Extensive predefined and user-defined search, drill-down and filtering capabilities
  • Support of complex, evolving reporting hierarchies and historical data
  • Access to information based on user needs and "rights"
  • Any defined condition can trigger action alerts for appropriate stakeholders
  • Data, reports and graphs can be downloaded in many formats (MS Excel, tab- or comma- delimited, others)
  • Nothing to install, no training required, no "per-seat" charges

The many benefits to this data warehouse/portal approach include the development and maintenance of a data warehouse that supports all sample and survey variables--both current and historical--and provides a centralized platform for all stakeholders to easily and quickly locate and retrieve aggregate and individual record information.

With ViewPort, end users can easily execute a virtually unlimited set of queries from their browser, whenever it is needed, without assistance.

ViewPort eliminates manual labor so human resources can focus on critical issues, instead of using valuable staff to distribute reports and manage other "housekeeping" tasks.

ViewPort provides users with information that is periodically updated and diagnostic tools to better manage and achieve short and long-term objectives. This also provides new opportunities to leverage this information through linkage with other corporate intelligence and goals.

ViewPort information sheet (pdf)



IntelliView version 5.0 provides user-friendly access to survey data in near real time. Users can now view and manipulate survey data using a Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher web browser. No more "canned" reports–you decide what information you want and how it looks.

IntelliView’s capabilities include:

  • Report wizards that simplify report creation
  • Frequency reports
  • Sample management reports
  • Cross-tab reports
  • Verbatim reports
  • Wireless reporting
  • Standardized reports that can be printed and/or saved to a file
  • Easy-to-read online formats
  • Pre-defined data weighting for closed surveys – survey specific

IntelliView information sheet (pdf)



Click on the images below for more details.

The IntelliView Login Screen

Frequency Report

Sample Management Report

Cross Tab Graph

Verbatim Report


Desktop Simulators

The Loyalty Simulator will help you understand how changes in a company’s performance and price will impact customers’ loyalty and the resulting revenues. This simulator is based on the disguised results of an actual research study of a large sample of respondents. The simulator allows the user to play "what if" games to see the loyalty and revenues that result from changes in ratings and customer experiences.

A component of our Customer Profitability process, the Profitability Simulator will help you understand how changes in services and price impact market share. The simulator will simultaneously calculate the costs and revenues associated with these changes and display the projected resulting Economic Profit change. 


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