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Questionnaire Authoring with S4 AuthorSM

In an effort to continually improve our survey designs and save time (and money) for our clients, we’ve created S4 Author. A Microsoft® Windows® application, S4 Author provides an interface to design, create, and modify surveys for online, paper, and CATI publications. This invaluable tool reduces the time it takes to develop a survey.

With S4 Author you can specify:

  • What types of questions to ask
  • In which order the questions appear
  • How questions should appear on the screen

S4 Author includes a "version control" feature that facilitates questionnaire design and language translation exchanges between our clients and research staff, minimizing the chances for error and frustration. S4 Author supports the process of translating questionnaires into multiple languages, without the traditional cut and paste methods of incorporating native language texts into separate survey documents.


Software Specifics (in PDF file format)

S4 Author



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