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Sample Management Systems

Harris Interactive sample management systems support worldwide survey activities, providing the quality, depth and breadth of information about decision makers, without alienating customers by over-surveying and by maximizing sample utilization. Standard system functions include:

  • Interrogation of incoming sample records to ensure they meet interviewing standards. Rejected records are coded with a reason-specific rejection code.
  • Identification/isolation of duplicate records through a sophisticated de-duplication process, which include routines to ensure that sample records for a particular company are not blocked based solely on a phone number (that may be, for example, a main switchboard number).
  • Repository of historical information (who was surveyed, when, interviewing mode, active and expired/resolved disposition status).
  • Reporting of sample status at any level at any time, including sample rejection and sample disposition reporting.
  • Control of time intervals within which respondents and companies are asked to participate. Retain "never call" information at the customer and company level.


Wide Range of Benefits

These systems provide a platform that can be expanded and leveraged to provide an even wider range of benefits, such as the management and control of sample on a WW basis, across research programs, and regardless of which research vendor conducts the fieldwork.

Retention of customer email addresses, product information, and contact information are all crucial components in the success of our operation. The retention of customer email addresses for Web surveys, dependent on how the email address was obtained (for instance, from customer representatives, another survey program, etc), provides opportunities to maximize the use of Web surveys and reduce reliance on expensive surveying by telephone.

Retention of product information that details the product each individual is responsible for, and which products are used (tracked over time, segment, etc) can be used to support many other research activities.

Another valuable tool of our sample management system is the retention of updated contact information, such as a change in phone number, a respondent who is no longer with their company, or any other important information typically gathered during surveying. We also retain information on previously unidentified decision makers within an organization. Each communication with an organization or household, whether survey-based or not, provides an opportunity to uncover prospective respondents.

By prioritizing our sample selection based on product incidence or other factors, we ensure that "rare" or critical customers are "reserved" for specific programs.

Linkage to our Web-based reporting systems provides stakeholders with the ability to identify and flag accounts at risk, analyze switching behavior, and create scores or indices at the enterprise level (global view of satisfaction per account).

We also retain a complete interviewing history by customer and company.


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