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Competitive success is measured by attributes such as brand differentiation, relevance amongst consumer base, and growth within an industry.  In managing brand development, intricate market research is necessary to provide the insight and foresight to make healthy and informed decisions.  Market research sheds light on questions like:

  • Would it be better to re-position my brand, stretch it, or partner with other brands?
  • What is the optimal infrastructure for my brand, sub-brands, and product lines?
  • What are the best means for differentiating my brand to gain a competitive edge?

At Harris Interactive, our research scientists augment our ValuesConnect positioning and promise methodology platform to aid you in answering these questions and more.  Strategic Cube, one of our proprietary tools, helps you develop a brand footprint to:

  • Determine the positioning, strength, and breadth of appeal for each brand
  • Report the ease of stretch and/or repositioning in any direction – together with the value of doing so in terms of extending coverage of landscape
  • Profile consumer response to ideas for possible new brands
  • Report on the positioning of potential partner brands and measure the “pull to a different positioning” for your brand that would result from brand partnership
  • Profile all competitive threats in a given landscape

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