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Harris Interactive’s Market Panorama solutions provide the critical baseline information you need to decide how big of a push to make into new countries and markets. Our industry experts work with our worldwide network of offices, affiliates and partners to draw rich portraits of the markets you are considering entering whether the market is a country or an emerging industry.

Market Panorama consists of four services, each of which provides information tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Literature and Statistical Reviews: Our researchers comb publicly available government, academic, and private research about an industry or market and present you with an easy-to-understand presentation of concrete recommendations based on the information they uncover.
  • Listening: We use social media monitoring and Research LifeStreaming℠ to understand what the major issues, trends, and leading-edge opinions are in a country or market of interest by listening to what Internet participants are saying online and in personal conversations with friends.
  • Market Experts Research: When you need to get beneath the surface of statistics and information and learn what those “in the know” really think, our researchers will conduct in-depth discussions with industry experts to get their views on growth trends, key innovations, and how to best position yourself to enter a market and meet market needs.
  • Survey Panorama: Our unmatched qualitative and survey research abilities allow you to develop a deep quantitative understanding of countries or industries. Some of the issues we can help you address include: What are the key needs and motivators for market participants? What do potential employees expect in terms of compensation and benefits? What do customers think they need from new suppliers?

Each service can be purchased on its own or may be combined to provide a comprehensive 360o view of a country or market. Market Panorama studies in turn lay the necessary foundation for more detailed explorations of markets through the other elements of our Market Strategy solution set.


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