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Media engagement is measured by more than just content recall but rather content consumption.  Do consumers just watch your show, or do they talk about it the next day, do they chat and tweet, belong to Facebook groups, download music, buy clothing? Presumably, if a media property could answer yes to some or all of these statements, it would be more valuable to marketers seeking to advertise their brands.

Harris Interactive approaches media engagement measurement through:

  • Consumer Connection: Emotional Connection explains the love/hate relationship that consumers have with brands; Aspirational Fit explains how well a brand reinforces self-image or lifestyle.

    When applied to media properties, Emotional Connection explains why a program becomes part of consumers’ viewing schedule; Aspirational Fit explains why it becomes part of their life.  Armed with an understanding of the level of connectivity associated with specific media properties, you can speak directly to your most engaged consumers, your less engaged consumers, or even your competitor’s wavering consumers by knowing which media these prospects are actively consuming.

  • Seekers/Generators:  Seekers are those who take the extra step to learn more about a brand; Generators are those who are not only interested in the brand, but are active advocates.  Generators can really impact brand performance because they are significantly more likely to:
  • Remember ads

  • Be influenced by advertising

  • Associate positive attributes with the advertised brand

  • Consider purchase of the advertised product

Harris Interactive offers multi-client and client-specific approaches to measuring media engagement – all of which include our proprietary Consumer Connection approach as the core, proven metric underlying audience engagement and a validated predictor of future purchase behavior.


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