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Understanding, monitoring and measuring stakeholder engagement are fundamental assessments of a brand’s health.  To fully define engagement, one must include measurements of marketplace “buzz” or the unsolicited discussions stakeholders have regarding your brand.

Harris Interactive Buzz Monitoring solutions combine “asking” research with “listening” research to quantify and interpret customer reactions to your brand, regardless of discussion topic.  This data is then aligned with traditional survey research to provide a full spectrum evaluation of the impact of your brand’s marketing programs.

Our team of “buzz” experts offers two unique solutions that can be deployed on their own as an ad hoc snapshot of your brand’s health or can be included as an add-on in a comprehensive brand tracking program.

  • Social Media Monitoring captures a range of variables that profile what is being said about your brand, how it is being communicated (tone, sentiment, language), and where those conversations are taking place.  This information is gathered, stored, and sorted to showcase only what is meaningful in impacting your strategic business direction and decision making.
  • Text Analytics takes buzz monitoring to the next level.  This solution integrates unsolicited expressions outside of structured research with structured data such as survey verbatims, focus group transcripts, emails or call center contacts.  Text analytics, added on to a traditional research program, provides an unparalleled ability to understand why consumers behave the way they do - uniquely informing future marketing decisions.

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