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Tracking your business’ front-line performance is critical to generating sustainable growth and a solid competitive advantage.  Successful business performance is directly linked to meeting or exceeding customer standards at critical transactional touchpoints or “moments of truth.”

Each and every touchpoint will either strength or weaken the stakeholders’ relationship with your company.  Therefore, every transaction should be maximized to provide the optimal experience in bringing value to your firm.

Harris Interactive Customer Experience Tracking programs are aimed at aligning stakeholder experience strategies with stakeholder requirements to achieve relationship outcomes that drive profitability.  We assist you in answering such questions as:

  • What are the stakeholders’ relationship needs?
  • What experiences do customers require at each service touchpoint?
  • How well are we delivering on customer needs and touchpoint experiences?
  • What is the relationship between the transaction measurement insights and the business and behavior metrics that our business units track?
  • How do transaction tracking and relationship assessment fit together in a meaningful way?

We then assist you in transitioning the transaction data into business practices and service delivery to ensure correct alignment. Strong alignment with strategy, process and delivery will result in richer, deeper relationships that tend to last longer and be more profitable.  Conversely, misalignment of strategy, process and people often results in unfulfilling and inconsistent experiences, leading to weaker connections with customers.


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