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Globally, stakeholder audiences are becoming more sophisticated consumers of marketing information.  They draw from a widening range of inputs that are more readily accessible across diverse and evolving multi-modal channels, fueling a demand for fragmented budgets within marketing plans.

Harris Interactive’s Marketing and Media Mix solution helps you account for the impact of this evolving media environment and measure the influence that your media activity has on buyer behavior.

The critical inputs to our design models are carefully selected to represent the “context” for your specific business with respect to measurable market forces, dimensions of purchase influence and performance metrics for you and your competitors. This information is then merged with historical data on your media spending. As available, we also incorporate competitive spend and activity, relevant information capturing economic conditions, and any other variables that are potentially significant.

As your situation is unique, our design and analyses are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our expert team of research scientists draws on an extensive toolbox of more traditional statistical and data reduction methods combined with cutting edge techniques imported from a wide range of disciplines.

Our easy-to-use simulation tools facilitate your understanding of market forces through creative deployment of graphically designed interfaces. This technique illustrates how changes in your marketing and media mix may affect consumer behavior.

Some of our more exotic techniques include applications of models utilizing Bayesian Neural Networks, free-forward mesh modeling and agent-based dynamic simulations. These tools provide powerful market models incorporating event sequencing from aggregated and/or transactional levels of detail.


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