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The world of communications has changed dramatically over the past decade:  Multi-media campaigns are now the norm, digital marketing has advanced rapidly, and the power of word-of-mouth and social media has become unparalleled.

These changes bring new challenges to managing your communications programs and diagnosing the influence of touchpoints on your target audience.  Harris Interactive’s Touchpoint Modelling solutions can help you answer such critical questions as:

  • How effective was my marketing in changing attitudes of my brand?
  • How have attitudes of my brand been influenced by social media and word-of-mouth?
  • Which media within my marketing program were the most effective?
  • Which elements of the campaign were responsible for specific changes in perceptions?

Our proprietary modelling precisely measures the effect on brand attitudes resulting from in-market consumer experience with one or more brand touchpoints.  The resultant data is therefore able to:

  • Reveal the overall effect of the marketing program
  • Distinguish between the contribution of different touchpoints
  • Indicate which elements have contributed most significantly to your brand’s success
  • Highlight the relative return on investment for each element of the campaign, in terms of shifts in brand attitudes, when used in conjunction with advertising expenditure data

Our modelling approach involves weighting respondent data to account for any existing affinity with your brand so that we are able to detect how well exposure to your marketing has strengthened brand engagement.


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