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Harris Interactive offers a comprehensive suite of Launch services that enable you to thoroughly monitor the marketplace and its reaction to your offering and respond rapidly as needed. Common to all of our services is an emphasis on continual monitoring of the marketplace and rapid communication of key metrics from the 1-3 months before you enter the market through the first 3-6 months after market entry.

Listening: We use Social Media Monitoring and Research LifeStreaming? to listen in on the public and private conversations individuals are having about your offerings. Research Lifestreaming? information regarding Internet conversations can be combined with survey data on individual panelists to provide a rich portrait of who is saying what, leading to better business decisions.

Measuring: We use traditional and non-traditional survey methods to help you monitor market reactions continuously during the launch phase. Our Internet panel and ViewPort Pro? online reporting system give you an unmatched ability to track key decision-making metrics in real time so that you can react rapidly to emerging issues and opportunities. Our GPS and cell phone interviewing solutions enable you to talk to potential buyers just before or after the “moment of truth” at the point of purchase.

Drawing upon the expertise of both our Brand and Communications Consulting and Stakeholder Relationship Consulting, we’ll help you understand the perceptual linkages between your new offering and your brand and how users are reacting to and advocating for you as a result of their experiences.

Interacting: Because we use our own panelists for surveys and Research LifeStreaming?, our research teams work with you to quickly pull together qualitative discussions about emerging issues and opportunities with those who are experiencing them, enabling you to get the in-depth information you need to act.

A 360° Perspective:  All market participants are not created equal. We’ll work with you to identify and track the perceptions and behaviors of those particularly key groups—early adopters, influencers, and word of mouth mavens—who will have a disproportionate impact on your success. 


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