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Harris Interactive provides a comprehensive set of solutions to move your new products and services forward from basic concept ideas to a fully developed offering. We provide solutions that fit your specific needs, building off our expertise in critical areas of concept development.

Qualitative Concept Refinement: Conducted early in the testing and refinement process, we use online bulletin boards or chats to conduct deep-dives into consumer motivations and perceived benefits/weaknesses. Frequently, participants are recruited as part of an initial Concept Screening phase to maximize cost efficiencies.

Feature Optimization: Quantitative studies using Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM) or other choice-based methods to create the strongest version of your offering. This research determines the value or utility of features, identifying versions of products that work together to maximize market share or profitability. These studies also yield valuable insight into brand and price positioning.

Price Optimization: Although we usually recommend determining the best price for an offering as part of feature optimization, there are times when it is appropriate to explore price optimization as a stand-alone issue. We use three tools for this:

  • Monadic Price Tests
  • Gabor-Granger Methodology
  • Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

Positioning Tests: Quantitative research to identify the messaging or positioning strategy that gives your offering the best opportunity for success. These studies also measure the strength of the consumer connection with your product and which messages motivate and discourage customers. Multiple messages/positioning are typically tested using a monadic design or max-diff scaling.

Late Stage Concept Testing or Validation: This quantitative evaluation provides a detailed analysis of consumer acceptance and likely purchase, identifies sources of volume and cannibalization, and profiles likely users. Typically a monadic design is used. 

Concept validation studies may also be used for Forecasting and Potential estimation using DCMs, TURF, or traditional pre-launch forecasts. Home Use Tests (HUTs) may also be incorporated into the design of Concept Validation studies.


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