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Motivated and engaged employees drive high performing organizations through increased productivity, lower turnover, and better customer service.  

Harris Interactive Employee Engagement research has demonstrated that a strong correlation exists between employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity on the one hand and customer loyalty and organization performance on the other.  

Our high performance organization framework enables clients to realize the full potential of their employee research and drive significant business performance improvements based on the following key concepts:

  • Leaders must communicate a clear and compelling vision and mission.
  • Alignment with the vision and mission is achieved through key performance levers such as clearly defined roles and responsibilities, superior talent management and acquisition strategy, motivational corporate culture, and processes that encourage efficiency.

Our team helps organizations design, implement, and analyze their employee research to provide answers to such pivotal questions as:

  • What motivates and de-motivates our employees?
  • What percentage of our workforce is committed to the organization?
  • Is our organization customer-focused? Do our employees act as ambassadors?
  • Is our external brand promise matched by our internal employer brand experience?
  • What can be done to increase employee engagement and what impact will this have on business performance?

The research is not an end in itself.  Our team then provides analysis and insight – backed by over 13 years of experience in the field – to create action plans that help our clients to drive measurable improvements in employee engagement.


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