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Corporate Reputation can be defined as the sum of all perceptions and expectations that relevant stakeholders have about a company in relation to that specific stakeholder’s own agenda.

Reputation is not necessarily informed by any actual knowledge about, communication from, or interaction with the company – and can be held, communicated, transmitted, and transferred by stakeholders who are outside the company’s control or knowledge.

Reputation Management involves monitoring and managing perceptions so as to achieve advocacy, permission, and acceptance amongst your key stakeholder groups.

The Harris Interactive Reputation Management solution identifies key areas of focus for your business to effectively manage your corporate reputation through:

  • Identifying, prioritizing, and profiling reputation stakeholders
  • Identifying issues of importance amongst key stakeholders
  • Developing a unique set of reputation attributes and drivers specific to your organization
  • Analytic modeling by stakeholder, geographic region, business line, etc.
  • Competitive and peer company benchmarking
  • Evaluating communication, channel, and program impact
  • Delivering implications, recommendations, and strategic planning to optimize your reputation

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