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Dynamic markets, shifting customer needs and competitive pressures have all dramatically increased the need to optimally deliver at each and every touchpoint in order to remain top of mind amongst consumers.

Attaining a competitive advantage within specific interactions with your customers is done in one of two ways:

  1. Through Better Delivery:  Providing similar products or services better than competitors
  2. Through True Differentiation:  Adapting and evolving slightly ahead of your target market to deliver something different than your competitors

Harris Interactive Touchpoint Experience research provides a clear indication of what your customers want and need from your organization, specific to any particular interaction, and will help you map your service delivery processes to optimize performance.

By revealing the trade-off between different interaction components, you will see what your customers expect and how to meet or exceed those expectations.  We will ensure that the questions being asked are the ones that will directly lead to your business improvement:

  • Are we measuring the right things?
  • Are we missing any important experiential elements in our review?
  • Has the market evolved while our research program has grown stagnant?
  • Why do we get the same scores month after month?
  • How do we apply this data to organizational change?

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