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The Youth and Education practice at Harris Interactive is headed by an innovative team of specialists solely focused on the insights today's youth provide as well as the people who impact their lives. Over the past decade, our research experts have conducted more than 1 million interviews with members of Generation Y and post Millennials, and have provided insights to youth marketers, educators, and public policy makers on nearly every issue of importance to today's youth. But it's not just youth. It's also important to know about what surrounds today's youth, so the Youth and Education team understands how to talk to parents and educators - the two most important groups in a youth's life.

There is no doubt that today's youth are an important U.S. consumer group across virtually all industries. Not only do they have great purchasing power themselves-- $220 billion annually among 8 to 24 year olds - but they also exert their influence on their families' purchasing decisions, making them a population deserving of attention.

The Youth and Education researchers at Harris Interactive utilize a variety of unique youth-based solutions, allowing clients to gain insight into nearly every issue of importance to today's youth as well as among those who influence today's youth - their parents and educators, across all industries.

  • Youth Panel: provides our clients with effortless access to youth 13 years of age and older
  • Harris Poll Online Panel: a robust, industry-leading online panel that provides our clients access to parents of youth under the age of 18, college students, educators and many other groups
  • Qualitative Research: a full range of in-person and online quantitative techniques to reach today's youth
  • Multi-Client Products: YouthPulse and Youth EquiTrend
  • Omnibus Products: Harris Poll YouthQuery and Harris Poll ParentQuery
  • School Poll: a proven management tool specific to the area of K-12 education
  • Trends & Tudes Newsletter: monthly newsletter that highlights our own research for public release, as well as some of our clients' recent publicly released research

With a team that has 15+ years of experience and research dedicated to the trends, attitudes, and opinions of today's fast paced youth as well as understanding how to talk to parents and educators, the Youth and Education practice at Harris Interactive provides our clients with quality results and actionable recommendations that arm them with the capability to better understand and reach this powerful segment of the market.


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