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WSJ Article 2001

WSJ Article 2002

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 Business School Survey 2002 Course Catalog

From The Wall Street Journal:

  • Wall Street Journal Special Section

Includes statistical highlights of the survey, profiles of the top 10 schools, in-depth analysis of the results, a methodology sectionplus stories on some of the major issues facing recruiters and business schools.

Available in the supplement to the September 9th edition of The Wall Street Journal

  • "The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Top Business Schools 2003" (published by Wall Street Journal Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster)

Includes complete, detailed results from the survey, profiles of 100 schools—the Top 50 ranked schools and the 50 runners-up, in-depth analysis of the findings, detailed articles about the job market from M.B.A. graduates, tips on applying to business schools, and a complete methodology.

Available September 9th at www.wsjbooks.com


Research Reports* From Harris Interactive:

  • The General Report: Available to Schools & Corporations

The key findings of the WSJ/Harris Interactive Business School Study and an in-depth look at those findings. This report includes school profile diagnostics, importance ratings, overall multivariate analysis to identify drivers of B-school ratings among recruiters, an aggregated summary of the findings for the top 10 schools compared to Tier 2 and Tier 3 schools. Also includes a detailed methodology and a description of the recruiters who took part in the survey.


  • School Profile Report (a customized insert to The General Report)

A section containing the complete set of results for a specific school, including importance and performance ratings for all 26 attributes for that school, as well as the complete set of recruiter verbatim comments about that school.

*The survey data on which the research reports are based were collected by Harris Interactive as part of a survey jointly developed by The Wall Street Journal and Harris Interactive. However, the collection and compilation of the survey data constitute the work product of Harris Interactive only.

Certain study results may have appeared in The Wall Street Journal or in other Dow Jones publications. The Wall Street Journal and its publisher, Dow Jones & Company, have not contributed to, reviewed, endorsed, or otherwise been associated with the research reports, do not make any representations (express or implied) as to their accuracy, and disclaim all liability in connection therewith.

For additional information, please contact:

Joy Marie Sever, Ph.D.
SVP, Director, The Reputation Practice
Harris Interactive

Deirdre Wanat
Research Analyst
Harris Interactive


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