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Harris Interactive Sports Poll
The Harris Interactive Sports Poll provides detailed tracking data on sports industry trends including sports equipment purchases, retail location, and amount spent. The Harris Interactive Sports Poll tracks which month(s) consumers spend more on sports equipment, what items they purchased and the retail locations patronized to make these purchases. This data can be correlated with other consumer preferences and behaviors such as likelihood to make investments, favorite quick service restaurant, fan level of various sports, and more.

Harris InteractiveSGB Poll
The Harris Interactive SGB Poll provides the sporting goods business with essential information to develop effective marketing and retail strategies. Knowing what types of sports equipment people purchase, and where and why consumers choose the items and retail locations they do, is essential to successful product positioning. The ability to identify items and locations which predominate during impulse buying intervals coupled with the capability to delineate among purchase drivers such as: price; convenience; product selection; customer service and brand loyalty, provide the sporting goods industry with the critical knowledge they require to develop successful business strategies.