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Harris Interactive Sports Poll
Our core product, The Harris Interactive Sports Poll, provides detailed tracking data on sports industry trends including licensed merchandise, items purchased, property bought, retail location, amount spent, and for whom. The Harris Interactive Sports Poll can track in what month people buy what licensed merchandise, where and for whom. This data can be correlated with fan levels of various sports and other consumer behaviors such as sports site selections. With custom analysis The Harris Interactive Sports Poll data can predict who is likely to buy Olympic beanie babies on the internet in what month and for whom.

Harris Interactive SGB Poll
The Harris Interactive SGB Poll provides data on licensed merchandise purchasing and intent to purchase including brand loyalty and reasons for the retail selection and product choice. With this product the sporting goods industry can develop marketing and retailing strategies to meet the changing business landscape. Knowing for what items and where people buy on the spur of the moment, when people are driven by price versus convenience versus product selection versus customer service, as well as understanding the role of brand loyalty in product selection, helps the sporting goods industry develop successful business strategies.