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Harris Interactive Sports Poll
The Harris Interactive Sports Poll provides detailed tracking data on sports industry trends including who is participating in what sports each month and what sports are favored. We can provide extensive correlations on consumer behaviors and preferences such as whether golfers or skiers travel or rent movies, if swimmers drink Gatorade or Powerade, or if hikers prefer Burger King to Pizza Hut. The Harris Interactive Sports Poll's unique ability to track. with unprecedented depth. traditional and emerging trends is a direct result of our ability to conduct a minimum of 10,000 interviews each month.

Harris Interactive Sports Site Evaluation
If you want to know how to both efficiently increase satisfaction with likelihood to recommend and likelihood to return to your site, Sports Site Evaluation is your tool. Using a multiple regression analysis, we can compare the reactions of visitors to your site with visitor reactions to competitor sites, compare your visitor demographics to those of the general Internet population, as well as recommend what you can do to improve your site in order to increase traffic.

Harris Interactive SGB Poll
The Harris Interactive SGB Poll provides the sporting goods business with essential information to develop effective marketing and retail strategies within a landscape that has been transformed by Internet activity. Knowing the types of sports equipment purchased online is critical for the development of successful product positioning. The Harris Interactive SGB Poll allows you to go one step further and not only identify the internet site(s) used to make those online equipment purchases, but also allows you to compare the online purchasing volume with the purchasing volume of the same equipment from retail outlets. Not only does the Harris Interactive SGB Poll deliver all of this information, it also goes that extra mile by allowing the subscriber to track the information through time. With the Harris Interactive SGB Poll you'll also know why some consumers prefer to purchase particular items online versus offline or at specialty stores versus discount shops.

Harris Interactive eCommerce Pulse
This is the largest study of Internet and brick and mortar shopping that tracks site satisfaction, shopping and purchasing levels from the top 250 eCommerce sites across 11 categories, including a health and fitness category.