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The Harris Interactive Sports Poll
The Harris Interactive Sports Poll tracks the consumer-based information necessary for strategic sponsorship decisions. Knowing both general trends and the demographic profiles of sports fans in the sports industry is just the first step in developing a sponsorship strategy.  The Harris Interactive Sports Poll delivers the behaviors of the fans and the consumer preferences essential to leveraging and evaluating sponsorships. Do you need to know what type of sports fans are more likely to: make investments; rent cars; travel; or engage in other activities such as renting movies, watching premium movie channels or going to community festivals? Is knowing whether game attendance is dominated by families versus business associates a critical factor in cultivating sponsorship partnerships? The better you get to know your fans, the better they will get to know you.

Harris Interactive Sponsorship Evaluation Tool
Determine the return on investment from your sponsorships and advertisements. Evaluate the increase in the likelihood of people to use your products or services when they are aware of your sponsorship and the image they associate with your company, industry and sports sponsored. Determine the marketing messages that will increase awareness and improve sales. Harris Interactive has the data and information you need to evaluate your individual sponsorship programs.

Harris Interactive Sponsorship Evaluation Index
Our sponsorship evaluation index provides data before and after key events to determine how the event changed product visibility, image, and loyalty. 

Harris Interactive Olympic Sponsorship Study
If you want to determine the value of your Olympic sponsorship, The Harris Interactive Olympic Sponsorship Study can provide the consumer tracking data you need to quantify your investment. 

  • Does awareness of your sponsorship make consumers twice as likely to buy your brand or 4 times more likely?
  • How aware are people of your Olympic sponsorship and what image do they associate with your company? 
  • What marketing message would resonate most powerfully with your consumer targets?
  • During what Olympic events should you advertise? 
  • How can I justify my sponsorship investment?

The Harris Interactive Olympic Sponsorship Study provides the information to effectively evaluate your sponsorship program for the 2000 Games, and assess how to better leverage your sponsorship for 2002 and beyond.

Using the data we gather, we will calculate how well your marketing messages are resonating with your targets. We'll tell you how likely your target audience will be to use, or consider using, your products if they are aware of your status as an Olympic Sponsor. If you want to know which athletes or sports will be the most effective at enhancing your image, we have the answers to these questions and more.

A baseline survey will be conducted in June 2000, followed by surveys taken just prior to and immediately following the Games. A final survey will be performed in December to assess the continued value of your sponsorship. As an added benefit, at the conclusion of these studies, Harris Interactive will be able to provide you with the critical information you need to make key decisions. You'll be able to access a database that can segment the population into groups ranging from Opening Ceremony enthusiasts to kayaking fans.