Contact the Audit Committee Chair

Any officer, director or employee of the Company, or any other person, who has concerns regarding questionable accounting, auditing, or financial reporting matters related to the Company may submit such concerns. Complaints or concerns may be submitted either verbally or in writing, and may be open, confidential, or anonymous. Submission of complaints can also be done over the telephone by calling our third-party administered Complaint Hotline at 1-866-223-3003.

Any person who desires to submit a complaint should submit it to the Chairman of the Audit Committee in care of the Company’s outside legal counsel, or to such person’s supervisor, or to any officer or director of the Company who must report the complaint to the Audit Committee in care of the Company's outside legal counsel.

Complaints submitted in writing should be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Harris Beach PLLC
99 Garnsey Road
Pittsford, New York 14534
Attention: Chairman of the Audit Committee, Harris Interactive Inc.
c/o Beth Ela Wilkens

The sealed envelope should be labeled with a legend such as: "Confidential for the Chairman of the Audit Committee only."