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Fun, Fun, Fun in a Customer Experience Way
BAI Online - 11/08 
Consumers prefer mobile advertising with incentives
Mobile Marketer - 5/08 
Google CEO: Get Ready for Cellphone Ads
US News & World Reports - 5/08 
Mobile Ads Key to Reaching Consumers
Brandweek Magazine - 5/08 
RAJAR: An Analysts View - Is Radio Connecting? 
MediaTel - 5/08 
The most desirable new car features
MSNBC - 4/18
Consumer Insight - The Battle Between Price and Conscience
The Grocer - 4/08
Google Study Finds Packaged Goods Spots Perform At 'Parity' Online Vs. TV
Media Post - 4/08
Mobile Marketing Fantasy vs. Reality
Brandweek - 4/08
The Not So Black Art of Public Diplomacy
World Policy Journal- Winter 2007/08
Listen Up: Influentials Are Talking about Vehicle Brands! We Told You So!
The Auto Channel - 1/08
Greg Novak's billion-dollar ambition
Research Magazine - 12/07
Harris Poll Links Music Education to Advanced Studies and Higher Incomes
National Association for Music Education and Artist Steven Van Zandt - 11/07
The Most (and Least) Prestigious Careers
US News and World Report
- 8/07
In The Pink
ASTA Network Report on Gay and Lesbian Travel - 7/07
Mobile Advertising Appealing To Consumers
Report on Wireless/Decima Reports - 6/07
When a plan comes together
Marketing Week Market Research Showcase - 07
On The Ball
Research World - 6/07
Americans register importance of organ donation
Reuters - 6/07
The Ten Stocks for the Next Ten Years
SmartMoney Magazine
- 4/07
MRA Member Harris Interactive Rings NASDAQ Market Opening Bell
- 3/07
One Tough Customer
- 3/07
Mark Dolliver's Takes: The Kid Must Be Right
Adweek - 3/07
Teens apply logical rules to email, IM, social networks and SMS communications
Future Tense - 3/07
How StorageTek built its B2B satisfaction and loyalty research program
Quirk's Marketing Research Review - 3/07
Fifth of Americans in denial over retirement
Management-Issues - 2/07
The Case for Publishing (Some) Online Polls
The Polling Report - 1/07
YouTube Steals (a Few Million) Viewers
Advertising Age - 1/07
Out of the Box: Compassionate Materialism?
Brandweek - 1/07
Victoria Independent School District (VISD) delves into results from surveys
Victoria Advocate - 1/07 
The Wall Street Transcript Interview with Greg Novak
The Wall Street Transcript - 11/06
Cook Up Customer Advocacy the Way You Would a Lasagna, in Layers - 10/06
IKEA Tops Loyalty Brand Survey in Hong Kong
Media - 10/06
Word of Mouth is a Powerful Vehicle for Making Advocates—and Enemies - 7/06
Consumer Survey: Nutrigenomics
Food Manufacturer - 6/06
Make the Connection: Recruit for online surveys offline as well
Marketing News - 4/06
Public Diplomacy: Practitioners, Policy Makers, and Public Opinion
USC Center on Public Diplomacy - 4/06
Non food report - Showing the high street how it's done
The Grocer - 4/06
Supermarket brands shine
The Grocer - 4/06
Frozen Frustration
Food Manufacturer, NPD supplement - Spring 06
Brand Values
The Grocer - 3/06
Satisfied with state schooling?
BBC News - 03/06
The Trust Equation: Build Employee Relationship Credibility, Rapport and Integrity To Leverage Customer Advocacy - 2/06
Cowboys and Saloons. Chickens and Eggs. Customers or Employees. Which Came First? - 2/06
Research: Survey: Nutritional Data Trumps Food Brands
Brandweek - 2/06
Online - On Trial
ESOMAR - 2/06
Gain Insight Into How Your Customers Think: An Interview with Michael Lowenstein - 1/06
Fidelity Factor
Marketing Management - Nov/Dec 05
Tonight's the night
Morning Advertiser - 11/05
A real home from home
Morning Advertiser - 11/05
Pubgoers to toast new licensing era
Morning Advertiser - 11/05
The natives are restless
The Grocer - 10/05
Are they falling out of love with Tesco?
The Grocer - 10/05
Switched online!
Research in Business - 9/05
All to play for in back-to-school tug o'war
The Grocer - 9/05
Friendly bacteria 
NPD supplement - Autumn 05
Functional foods not just for dysfunctional people, say shoppers
Food Manufacture - 8/05
Think before you drink
The Grocer - 7/05
Discounting in Europe
Lebensmittel Zeitung - 7/05
Supermarkets steal the show
The Grocer - 7/05
Smoking, binge drinking and new hours - what consumers really think
Morning Advertiser - 7/05
Keep it simple, stupid
FOOD Manufacture - 6/05
The Beginning Of The Affair?
The Grocer - 5/05
Moving Beyond Satisfaction
Quirk's Marketing Research Review - 4/05
Acting On Impulse
The Grocer - 4/05
Worcester Sauce Tarred by Scandal
The Grocer - 3/05
Best Foot Forward: Social Desirability in Telephone vs. Online Surveys
Public Opinion Pros - 2/05
Guide to Kids and Marketing
Advertising Age - 2/05
Tesco Backed by Public
The Grocer - 2/05
The Card Game that Calls for High Stakes
The Grocer - 2/05
Price Pulls More Than Cards
The Grocer - 2/05
Frozen Is So Cool
The Grocer - 1/05


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