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Specialty Panels / Panel Development

Get the Whole Picture

Finding your specific target audience can be hard – unless you’re working with the people who pioneered the use of the Internet for working with special populations. With Harris Interactive as your research partner, you’ll get the whole picture: the multimillion member panel that allows you to find significant populations of your audience and the decades of research expertise to help you make sense of what they say.

Harris Interactive develops and manages customized specialty panels and proprietary (client-specific) panels by recruiting from a diversity of sources, including the Harris Poll Online, the leading panel in the world today. 

Targeted Sampling Capabilities

The reach of the Harris Poll Online, combined with the vast and detailed informational resources contained in our databases, offer almost limitless segmentation of the multimillion member panel. We can develop a panel specific to your project, according to the exact characteristics of your targets, from income to product use to race to zip code – and much more.

Specialty Panels

A specialty panel is a subset of Harris Poll Online members who share certain interests or characteristics and who are managed internally as a community. The company currently has more than 30 panels formally identified as specialty panels, and more than 40 past and proposed specialty panels, many of which can be reinstated or developed as needed.

Some of the specialty panels we currently manage include:

  • Affluent
  • Aging and Longevity
  • Americans with Disabilities
  • Automotive Insights
  • Chronic Illness
  • Console and Computer Gamer
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender
  • Mothers / Expectant Mothers
  • Nurses
  • Pet Companion
  • Physicians
  • Product, Advertising and Concept Testing
  • Senior Executives
  • Small Business
  • IT Decision Makers - Business & Consumer
  • Teens / Tweens / Young Adults
  • Travelers - Business & Consumer
  • Wireless Users

Read more about Harris Poll Online Specialty Panels, including some of their descriptions.

Proprietary Panels

A proprietary panel consists of a group of non-Harris Poll Online members and, when appropriate or necessary, panel members who share certain interests or circumstances. In response to one or more screening questions, they have both qualified and agreed to participate in surveys on a particular topic of interest. Proprietary panels are created and managed on behalf of individual clients. Regardless of the recruitment process, we honor the same stringent privacy standards that protect Harris Poll Online panel members, and depending on the needs of the client, the panel may or may not be available for use by other companies.

Doctors Interested in Joining the Physician Panel

We are currently recruiting practicing physicians to participate in online survey research for our Physician Panel. The results from the Physician Panel surveys will be used not only to help shape health policy, but also to provide physician input to the development of drugs and products of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Join the Harris Poll Online Panel

If you are interested in participating in Harris Poll Online surveys, register at www.harrispollonline.com

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Harris Interactive appreciates your unique research needs—and that includes your sample requirements. We can help you better understand our continuous recruitment and retention efforts, our privacy standards, and our loyalty program, Harris Poll Online Rewards. Contact us to learn more about Harris Poll Online sampling and proprietary panel development. by calling 877.919.4765 or email info@harrisinteractive.com.

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