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White Papers and Executive Briefings

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Areas of focus

Marketing Communications

Teens Talk About Advertising
    A Report of Findings from Online Focus Groups with Teens

Mature Brands in the 21st Century:
    How Jack Daniel’s Gets Better with Age

Understanding Youth:
    What Works and Doesn’t Work When Researching and Marketing to Young Audiences

The Effect of Gay-Friendly and Non-Gay-Friendly Cues on Brand Attitudes:
    A Comparison of Heterosexual and Gay/Lesbian Reactions 

Understanding the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Market:
    How it Influences Marketing Communications

A Comparison of Superstitial Ad Units Relative to Television Commercials

The Times They Are a Changin’

In-Market Validation of Connections-BasedSM Research

Brand and Strategy

Building the Corporate Brand
    Beyond Individual Loyalties


Making Loyalty Measurement Real:
    Identifying Landmarks in Customer Attitude and Behavior Interpretation, while Creating Optimum Research Actionability

Customer WOM Power:
    How Product/Service Experiences Impact Customers' Downstream Communication and Loyalty Behavior, and How Online and Offline Sources of Product/Service Information Impact Customer Actions

Customer Loyalty “The Golden Ring”

Reflections on Loyalty:
    Confessions of a Financial Services Customer

The Generational Factor:
    Managing Customer Loyalty and Commitment Across Customer Life Stages

Net Promoter Scores:
    The Pros and Cons of Relying on “The One Number You Need to Grow”

The Customer Retention Imperative:
    The Keystone in Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Managing Customer Churn:
    Stickers, Switchers and Shoppers - Lessons from the Auto Insurance Industry

Employee Ambassadorship:
    Satisfaction vs. Engagement vs. Commitment

Leveraging Informal Communication to Optimize Customer Loyalty Behavior

“Mirroring” Customers from Inside the Company

Retail Banking: The Pursuit of Loyalty

Consumer and Market Trends

Nanotechnology and the Future of Communications
Managed Services: Current State, Expected Growth Areas, and Marketing Tips for Providers

Panel and Research Quality

It's Only Incidental
    Effects of Response Format in Determining Incidence

Surveying Among Gays and Lesbians
    Harris Interactive Techniques to Achieve Representative Data 

Best Practices for Reaching the Hard-to-Reach
    A Discussion About Targeted Sample

Panel and Data Quality
    Comparing Metrics and Assessing Claims

The Record of Internet-Based Opinion Polls in Predicting the Results of
    72 Races in the November 2000 U.S. Elections

Correcting Data from Online Surveys for the Effects of Nonrandom Selection and
    Nonrandom Assignment

Confronting the Selection-Bias and Learning Effects Problems Associated with Internet Research

Methods for Measuring Change and Stability in Panel Data

The Very Different Methods Used to Conduct Telephone Surveys of The Public

Measurement and Survey Design

Can What We Don't Know (about "Don't Know") Hurt Us?
    Effects of Item Non-response

Rating versus Comparative Trade-off Measures
    Trending Changes in Political Issues Across Time and Predictive Validity

Presidential Approval
    You’re Only As Good As Your Rating Scale

How Does Ranking Rate?
    A Comparison of Ranking and Rating Tasks

Exploiting Analytical Advances
    Minimizing the Biases Associated with Non-Random Samples of Internet Users

Behavioral Intention Measurement
    International Findings

Behavioral Self-Report Measures
    International Extensions

Model of Behavioral Intention
    A Two-Factor Motivational Model of Behavioral Intention

Factors Affecting Measurement Stability
    More is Not Necessarily Better: Effects of Number of Items and Response Categories on Measurement Stability

Reliability and Validity of Web-Based Surveys
    Effects of Response Modality, Item Format, and Number of Categories

On the Importance of Importance
    An Evaluation of Weighting Evaluation Ratings with Importance Ratings

The Bayesian Revolution in Marketing Research

Response Format Effects in Self-Report of Political and Non-political Contributions<

A Comparison of Ranking Versus Rating in Online Surveys

On the Primacy of Affect in Attitude-Behavior Research

Response Order Effects in Online Surveys

Mixed Mode Research

Not sure about "Don't Know"?
    Effects of Response Choice in Mixed Mode Surveys

How Does Social Desirability Affect Responses?
    Differences in Telephone and Online Surveys

Tools and Analytical Techniques

A Comparison of an Online Card Sorting Task to a Rating Task




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