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Structured Insight from Unstructured Data

Harris Interactive Text Analytics is our new, innovative approach to mining, merging, and ‘making sense’ of the ever-growing expanse of unstructured information associated with your brand.

Text Analytics builds on traditional text mining to not only extract relevant relationships from disparate information sources, but also integrate quantitative intelligence along with custom analyses and advanced analytics to the results, yielding an unprecedented level of brand insight and forecasting.

What are the High Level Benefits?

  • Properly classify and categorize large volume text without labor intensive manual coding
  • Permit a more accurate and meaningful analysis of emerging trends and consumer sentiment
  • Build rich, interlocking connections and roadmaps between unstructured and structured data
  • Enable root-cause analysis through complete drill down capabilities
  • Allow for real-time segmentation and continuous reporting with a fully scalable framework
  • Automate efficient analysis of future or past wave results with established mining engine
  • Leverage market intelligence to predict and pursue time-sensitive opportunities – delivering a rapid and continuous ROI
  • Allow more open survey design, reducing bias introduced by forced closed-ended response

Solution Sets

  • Harris Interactive Text Analytics: Analyzes expansive array of textual sources by focusing on data patterns and brand meaning across texts, rather than simple key word searches.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Identifies and tracks online conversations about specific topics of interest strictly within the online social media space.

Contact Information

For more information on Harris Interactive Text Analytics, contact us at info@harrisinteractive.com or call 877.919.4765.

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