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Automotive Research

Harris Interactive’s Automotive Research Practice has a singular mission to supply insightful research, analysis and strategic consulting services with a deep understanding of your company and industry sector. Through a mutual partnership with our global clients, we impart international automotive expertise through our local research teams located throughout the world.

Our innovative, solutions-based orientation and passionate customer focus differentiates us and enables a trusted collaborative partnership with our clients. Making important business decisions based upon quality research and knowledge-based insights is vital to achieving success. By helping our clients convert information into strategic action—your success is our success.

Within the global automotive industry, Harris Interactive has focused research and consulting capabilities for the following automotive sectors:

  • OEM Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Tier 1-2-3 System and Component Suppliers
  • Automotive Retail and Distribution
  • Automotive Aftermarket

For automotive industry firms, understanding the key drivers of human behavior is a critical element in strategic product planning and market strategy formation. Through powerful research methodologies Harris Interactive is able to reach consumers, businesses and organizations around the world and provide your company with actionable insights based upon solid market research and analysis. Some areas of specialization are:

Sales and Marketing Research

  • Market Strategy Development
  • Purchase Funnel Testing and Analysis
  • Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Market Segmentation and Analysis

Technology and Product Development

  • New Product Development Concept Screening

Advertising and Marketing Communications Research

  • Advertising Testing and Tracking
  • Marketing and Communications Testing

Brand Research

  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Brand Communications Development
  • Brand Tracking
  • Corporate Reputation Measurement
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Alignment

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Measurement
  • Customer Touchpoint Management
  • Customer Profitability Management

Syndicated Research Solutions

Harris Interactive’s Automotive Research Practice has developed several insightful syndicated studies and services for automotive industry strategic planners and marketing experts, including:

AutoTECHCAST U.S. – this annual study measures over 12,000 U.S. consumer attitudes, purchase intent, price sensitivity and knowledge of over 60 advanced automotive technologies.

AutoTECHCAST Europe – this annual study measures over 12,000 European consumer attitudes, purchase intent, price sensitivity and knowledge of nearly 60 advanced automotive technologies.

AutoYOUTH – this bi-annual study measures over 3,000 Generation Y consumer attitudes, brand affinity, purchase consideration, technology adoption and finance and insurance trends.

AutoGLBTthis bi-annual study measures 3,000 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender consumer attitudes, brand affinity, purchase consideration, media consumption, technology adoption and finance trends. This study also measures GLBT perceptions of brand marketing campaigns, perceptions and loyalty.

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For more details on automotive research contact us at info@harrisinteractive.com or call 877.919.4765.

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