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Majestic, useful, alive - are these terms that describe your brand? A healthy brand attracts notice, provides shelter and builds trust among those that know it. As you focus on your brand, you canít hear it breathe; you canít always see it grow. You donít always know where the opportunity is for growth or where it is struggling to maintain, but it lives and needs to be cared for everyday, from the first day it is planted.

Harris Interactive Brand & Strategy Consulting Practice provides effective research and counsel at every point in your brands life cycle, from strategy development to implementation and evaluation of your return on investment. The result is a better understanding of how to effectively strengthen and grow your business and increase your enterpriseís equity.

Building Equity for Your Enterprise

We take pride in our ability to design and execute effective research programs among your stakeholders and help you understand how to translate the insights gained into specific actions that will make a difference.

For many of the worldís largest corporations and organizations we provide enterprise affecting research and consulting focused on:

  • Brand Development and (Re) Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Communication Development
  • Brand Tracking
  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Brand Extendibility
  • New Product Development
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Alignment
  • Modeling Return on Investment

Our Approach

Our unique point-of-view is an approach to defining and organizing your needs and opportunities based on five core principles: Utilizing these principles we provide you with a deeper understanding of consumer decision-making and help you to develop a position that is relevant, unique, ownable, and compelling.

Five Principles

  1. People make decisions based on a complex interplay of cognitive preferences and emotional benefits.
  2. Every enterprise is associated with both equities and disequities in the minds of its customers, employees, investors, the public and other stakeholders groups.
  3. Stakeholders decisions are made in the context of a specific situation and occasion which is part of the broader context in which you operate.
  4. Not all stakeholders are created equal. An effective strategy utilizes techniques to identify and set a relative value to each stakeholder group and subgroup in ways that are meaningful and actionable.
  5. The value of a strategy is its ability to deliver measurable returns to the enterprise.

Proven Results

Our award-winning expertise in developing persuasive communications and advertising ensures that this positioning will come to life, helping you build value through a strengthened corporate image, more sales, or support for your cause.

Contact Us

If you are looking to build or enhance your brand, strengthen your corporate image or increase employee alignment, contact the Brand & Strategy Consulting Practice at or call 877.919.4765.

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