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Change is ever-present. Sometimes, however, unexpected events create a crisis that demands immediate and effective action. Corporations, industries, and even individuals face times of crisis. It might be an intangible "crisis of confidence" which threatens to undermine your image, or a very tangible catastrophe involving financial loss or risk to human lives. How you respond in such a moment is likely to have great bearing on your future success.

Harris Interactive professionals have counseled clients on managing many kinds of crises by providing objective, research-based analysis of the situation and successful strategies and tactical action plans. We have helped clients successfully navigate through:

  • Product Recalls
  • Adverse Media Coverage
  • Regulatory Changes or Threats
  • Legal Actions
  • Work Stoppages
  • Industrial Accidents

Regardless of the crisis you are facing, you need expedient credible and actionable insights in order to develop and execute your corporate strategy.

Crisis Management Case Studies

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