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Employee Alignment

Of all the audiences a business must reach to be successful, none is more important than your own employees - your enterprise's ambassadors to the rest of the world. Aligning the interests of your employees with your company's business objectives requires you to educate, engage and motivate your employees on a number of levels. The result should be a unified corporate vision that is an alignment between the strategic business goals of the organization and the personal goals of the employees.

Harris Interactive’s Employee Alignment practice can help you motivate your employees to pursue your corporate objectives by understanding and measuring both the rational and emotional elements underlying their relationship with you. We use this understanding to provide a foundation of knowledge upon which your employee communications strategies can be based.

Motivate Your Employees to Pursue Your Vision

We will identify and refine the messages that are going to resonate with your employees – who in turn use those messages to inform their day-to-day decisions for the best interests of your organization.

And as acknowledged experts in human decision-making, we’ll help you develop and deliver messages that are believable, engaging and motivating. More importantly, we will ensure that all your employees share your vision, align with your strategic goals and strengthen your business performance, through their active engagement with and delivery of your brand promise.

How we can help you:

  • Create leadership buy-in and consensus around your vision and brand promise.
  • Build the brand from the inside out and link the brand to all aspects of the business.
  • Clarify employees’ current level of awareness, understanding and commitment with your vision and corporate objectives.
  • Develop messages and conduct action-planning workshops to enhance brand relevance to current employees.
  • Develop communications strategies to attract and retain future talent with the right fit.
  • Provide on-going capability to test new programs, media and messages.
  • Track changes in employee alignment and refine strategies over time.

Employee Alignment Case Studies

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For more details on employee alignment consultancy services contact us at or call 877.919.4765.

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