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Education affects every aspect of our lives, from the well-being of school children to the quality of the corporate work force. That’s why Harris Interactive has made research in education and on young people's social issues a priority. In fact, we’re the only major research firm with a division dedicated solely to education-related research. We’ve conducted studies for hundreds of public school districts, public and private universities, corporations and foundations. Harris Interactive offers a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative research services that cater to every segment of the educational marketplace. We adhere to the highest methodological standards to ensure exceptionally high quality results.

School Poll

When you want to better understand the opinions of students, alumni, employees, parents, community members and business leaders, turn to the Harris Interactive School Poll. This comprehensive quality project can help your district establish specific plans to increase student motivation, parental involvement, and employee productivity. Our mission is to help give educators a clear understanding of "educational quality" as defined by each of their school district’s key stakeholder groups, empowering the district with the knowledge necessary to accomplish its educational goals.

Strategic Planning Consulting

The utilization of the data collected through survey research is as critical as the data collection process itself. Districts must incorporate data results in strategic plans in order to measure improvement over time. Harris Interactive works closely with Districts to both educate stakeholders about the appropriate use of the data, as well as identifying methods for disseminating data to the school community as a whole.

Online Focus Groups

This avenue for qualitative research is orchestrated in the same fashion as a face-to-face focus group but takes place completely online. Comments, questions, answers, and directions are typed in and appear on screen, in a chat-room style format. The group is facilitated by an online moderator who functions in the traditional capacity.

The online focus group allows participants to discuss ideas, topics, concepts, etc. from the convenience of their home or office. You are able to "view" the focus group remotely (online) and correspond with a second qualitative team representative while the group continues live. This technique may be particularly appropriate in gathering input from groups of administrators.

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